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Politics over Pumpkin Pie, Brought to you by Donald Trump

November 24, 2015
‘Tis the season for turkey, mashed potatoes, and awkward political conversation at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Bringing up the presidential campaign might provoke more angry stares than helping yourself to the last slice of pie. But here’s a conversation worth having: Last Friday, Republican...
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Conversation Cafe with Marco Rubio

November 10, 2015
I had a chance to spend some time with Marco Rubio - he gave us some insight on where he stands on important issues like paid leave, immigration and increasing the minimum wage.
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Because It’s 2015, I Demand More

November 9, 2015
Because it’s 2015, I can’t see these pictures and not act. Because it’s 2015, you can’t sit by anymore either. Because it’s 2015, we can’t let ourselves say “but I like being the #2.” The powerful images put out by Elle UK were all too familiar. They featured some of the most recognizable global...
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PA Moms: Be Heard Tomorrow -> VOTE!

November 2, 2015
Tomorrow is Election Day in Pennsylvania! Have you made your plan to vote? It's really important for moms and dads like us to make our voices heard. We all lead busy lives, and squeezing in a few minutes to make it to the polls isn't always easy. Today's a great time to think about setting the...
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Tell Presidential Candidates: Step Up on #ChildCareNow!

November 2, 2015
The next round of presidential debates are just around the corner, and it’s critical that the candidates hear from all of us about the importance of high quality, affordable child care. On Thursday , November 5 , NWLC and MomsRising are teaming up for a Twitter storm to let the candidates know:...
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Voters Aren't the Only Ones Who Would Benefit from a Minimum Wage Increase – GOP Candidates Would Too

October 30, 2015
Raising the minimum wage is an issue supported by voters across political ideologies -- and Republican candidates have the opportunity to take a stand.
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What scares me more than Halloween night...

October 30, 2015
Halloween is a big deal in our house. We hang ghosts in our trees, tell spooky stories, and have fun making scary costumes. Know what scares me even more than Halloween? Letting other people make big decisions with long-term impacts that affect my family. That's no treat. Next Tuesday is election...
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Take Action!

Share the good news!

October 22, 2015
Wow - I'm still excited about how much attention the issue of paid family leave insurance generated at the Presidential debate last week! Right after the debate, I wrote a piece for to talk about how and why momentum for paid family leave is building in this election. OUR goal in writing...
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Winter is coming

October 22, 2015
There are just under 16 weeks until the New Hampshire primary – 16 weeks, 111 days, it seems so long, and yet – throw in Christmas, New Years and a snow storm or two, and it will be February 9th before you know it. In New Hampshire we take our politics quite seriously, and we expect the candidates...
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Host a Moms Meetup!

Grab your friends, kids, and pets for the next presidential debate!

October 8, 2015
As the youngest in my family, I often had to wait my turn. Waiting was no fun, but when my turn came, I was sure to make a splash. After two Republican Presidential debates, the Democratic candidates will finally have a chance to make a splash next Tuesday, October 13th at 8 pm ET /5 pm PT. Will...
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