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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: October 5, 2018

October 5, 2018
It's been another big week. If you're fed up with the epic level of awful coming out of Washington, D.C., we have some concrete and powerful things you can do! Sign up to get free postcards to mail to registered voters who haven't always voted on Election Day (we give you everything you need). You...
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Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

Monsanto Lawsuit Reveals a Broken EPA

September 24, 2018
After a California jury found Monsanto culpable in Dewayne Johnson’s non-Hodgkin's lymphoma last month month, lawsuits against the company swelled from 5,200 to 8,000 . People like Dewayne who were harmed by Roundup will likely see some justice in the months and years ahead, but their suffering...
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Free Power Pack!
Child jumping in the air with a big smile. Text reads: "Power pack! Contains important tips on issues like water safety and access, physical education, marketing in schools, dual language learning

Get Your Healthy School Power Pack!

September 19, 2018
All of our children deserve the opportunity to succeed, whether they want to be an astronaut, open a restaurant, or play third base. Children are full of possibility and potential. As parents, caregivers and adults, that gives us great hope for this world. Our children will craft and create a...
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SNAP call-in phone

Top #5Actions of the Past Week: September 14, 2018

September 14, 2018
This week all of our thoughts are with those in the path of Hurricane Florence. Many of our MomsRising staff and members are in the path of the storm, and we know first-hand how intense the experience can be. We are thinking of you today. Please see this week's list of top actions below, including...
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Progress in Fighting Poverty Slows -- And for the First Time in Years, the number of Uninsured Americans Does Not Significantly Decline

September 12, 2018
After years of progress, the decline in the poverty rate slowed between 2016 and 2017, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics released Wednesday. In 2017, the official poverty rate was 12.3 percent, down from 12.7 percent in 2016. While workers were earning more, substantial numbers remained at...
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Protect SNAP

Protect SNAP

September 12, 2018
September is Hunger Action Month and the 2018 Farm Bill is at a very important crossroads. Right now Congress is trying to find a compromise between two vastly different Farm Bill versions. The House passed a Farm Bill that would cut nearly $20 billion in food assistance. The Senate's Farm Bill...
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Let's Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice for NYC!

September 5, 2018
It's a busy time of year for families, as children head back to school. Parents know: it's often all we can do to make it through the day in one piece. Our hats are off to you! Parents like us work hard to make sure our children have the healthiest and happiest day possible. And sometimes that...
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: August 31, 2018

August 31, 2018
We hope you have some time to relax and recharge this holiday weekend, before September kicks into full gear. This week's list of top actions includes sharing why you can't wait to vote, speaking out for SNAP, celebrating breastfeeding, and sharing thoughts on going back to school. Please make sure...
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QUICK SIGNATURE NEEDED to protect food stamps!

August 13, 2018
Every once in awhile something uplifting and amazing happens in Washington, D.C.— and when that special something happens, it’s likely because moms, dads, and concerned people like YOU have spoken out! That’s what’s currently happening with the piece of policy (the Farm Bill) that funds and...
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We Are MomsRising!

We Are MomsRising, Sheri from Iowa

August 6, 2018
In our third installment of We Are MomsRising, we talked to Sheri in Iowa who used SNAP while being a single mom and being in school. She recently graduated this May. Read her story below. To learn more about the We Are MomsRising campaign, check out this blog post. There is this myth that people...
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