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#GoodNews This Week: Feeding Hungry Kids, Voter Treasure Boxes, More!

October 11, 2019
OUR "MOM"-ENTUM! : It’s time to double down on speaking up: President Trump’s White House announced this week it won’t cooperate with the impeachment inquiry at all. The stakes couldn’t be higher! Our children are counting on us. *We must make sure President Trump is held accountable for using...
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Voices for Healthy Kids SNAP Incentives Series: Making Nutritious Produce Available in Hawaii

October 3, 2019
Every day, in communities across America, people with low wages face difficult tradeoffs when trying to cover the necessary expenses of daily life. These tradeoffs include balancing the costs of housing, health care, child care and transportation as well as the ongoing struggle to afford healthy food. In some neighborhoods, there may be very few or no places to buy healthy food, adding time and transit expenses to the price of groceries. That’s why more than 45 states offer incentive programs to help Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants fill their pantries with more fruits and vegetables.
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There is no shame in getting free or reduced-price school lunch!

October 1, 2019
More than one million North Carolina students rely on free or reduced-price meals during the school day to fill their bellies. Liz Beck Costello’s children are two of those students; her experience receiving food assistance has compelled her to speak out and become a champion for reducing the...
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Mother and child at food bank

Share the signs of child hunger

September 25, 2019
Did you know September is Hunger Action Month? With millions of people in the United States needing help to put food on the table, we are calling on everyone to act against hunger. Here is an easy way to get involved: Share the signs of child hunger. Kids often feel so ashamed of not getting enough...
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In NC, Many Seniors Feel Pangs of Hunger-- Listen to their Voices in this Podcast

September 24, 2019
Post retirement years are optimistically dubbed the golden years. But those years are no holiday for many residents of Durham, NC. That’s why Durham City has proclaimed the week of Sept. 22-28 as Durham Senior Hunger Awareness Week. Listen in to the older adults in this week’s episode of #Voices of...
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Voices for Healthy Kids

Dining Healthy in the Big Apple: New York City Makes Healthy Drinks the Kids' Menu Default

September 23, 2019
New York City has more than 26,000 restaurants. Starting next year, those with children’s menus must offer healthier drinks, like milk and water, as the default drink — thanks to the city’s new Healthy Happy Kids’ Meals Law.
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NC: Come to a Hunger Forum Near You!

September 20, 2019
Concerned about hunger in our state and communities? Want to learn more and do something about it? You can! Join me at one of the upcoming Hunger Forums. Read on to learn more! The purpose of the Hunger Forums is to create an environment where we can listen and learn about food insecurity from the...
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New Podcast! Voices of Hunger NC

September 10, 2019
MomsRising and the North Carolina Alliance for Health are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, Voices of Hunger NC, in partnership with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger! Released in time to mark the beginning of National Hunger Awareness month that began September 1st, our podcast...
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Let’s Commit to Do Something Grand on Grandparents Day 2019!

September 3, 2019
Since 2012, Generations United – the national organization committed to improving the lives of children, youth and older adults through intergenerational connections – has spearheaded an annual campaign to encourage all generations to Do Something Grand and engage with another generation on Grandparents Day. This year’s theme is “Dig In! Bringing generations to the table” – focusing on connecting younger and older people through food and nutrition.
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El Paso, Texas Launches Nation’s First County-Level Healthy Food Financing Initiative

July 31, 2019
Through a new initiative, El Paso county is actively working to improve food retail infrastructure and bring grocery stores, community markets and mobile food stands to areas of the county with high poverty, few living wage jobs and lack of healthy and affordable food.
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