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An Inexcusable Hunger

July 28, 2016
Military families shouldn’t struggle with hunger. But they do — and that needs to stop.
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Let's Chat About Summer Foods, Family and FUN with @BokKids at #FoodFri!

July 22, 2016
With summer in full swing, parents and children are enjoying more time outside, at the park, beach, BBQs and while traveling. This is great fun but can easily derail a family's healthy accomplishments. To stay mindful of the food you and your family are consuming, because junk food is ok once in a...
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#MilitaryMonday: Serving and Struggling

July 18, 2016
One military mom speaks out before Congress about the struggles her family faced to make ends meet and put food on the table while her husband served in the military.
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WIC Nutrition Education: Making Nutrition Work for Your Family

July 18, 2016
Healthy… Nutritious… Low Fat… High Fiber… Moderation… Exercise… Carbs… Protein… These days, you can’t walk down the street or flip through your favorite magazine without being bombarded by directives about what to eat and how to eat it. Messages on how to live a healthy lifestyle are all around us...
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#FoodFri: How, and Why, Should Faith Leader Lead the Way To a Healthier Lifestyle?

July 15, 2016
For many, the church is a safe place of community where they can share support, fellowship and resources. This week for #FoodFri we are joined by faith leaders and clergy who are taking it a step further. They are encouraging their community to lead a healthier lifestyle, by example. Join #FoodFri...
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Get the Scoop on Healthy Summer Meals for Children and Teens

July 6, 2016
With summer in full swing, children and teens that relied on school meals for their nourishment and nutrition can be left without. This is where the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Summer Food Service Program (“SFSP”), commonly referred to as the Summer Meals Program, steps in. The program...
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Join the 4th of July #FoodFri Recipe Share!

June 30, 2016
With the 4th of July right around the corner, the MomsRising's Food Team is excited to host a healthy 4th of July recipe share! On Friday, July 1, 2016, at 1pm EST / 10am PST, @MomsRising and @MamasConPoder are hosting a healthy bilingual holiday recipe share. Join in and share your favorite dishes...
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NC Moms Speak Out on Healthy Food Access

June 27, 2016
Last week, I had the pleasure of joining with other MomsRising members in North Carolina at the NC Legislature in an effort to educate lawmakers and their staff about issues related to access to healthy foods for families across the state. We set up a small kid-run produce stand outside of the...
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Learn Strategies For Cultivating Healthy Habits at #FoodFri!

June 24, 2016
Habits are unconscious and automatic. Even if we want to eat healthfully and feed our families well, habits can undermine our good intentions. When willpower is drained, or we’re tired or stressed, we’re especially likely to fall back on habits, healthy or otherwise. That’s why building healthy...
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Summer Meals: Giving Families the Support They Need

June 23, 2016
As a mother and grandmother, I understand the importance of ensuring that America’s children are provided with nutritious meals every day. My grandchildren, who are 5 and 8, are just like all children – infinitely curious and filled with energy, love, and joy. Young children should be playing and...
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