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Families & The Federal Budget

Tell Congress to Protect Kids in the Budget!

November 8, 2013
Recent statistics are alarming: One out of five children live in a family that is food insecure. Over 1.1 million homeless students are currently enrolled in U.S. preschools and K-12 schools, the highest number ever recorded. The top 1% of households own 35.4% of all privately held wealth in the...
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Momentum Is Building to Close Corporate Offshore Tax Loopholes

November 7, 2013
Some folks in Congress are ready to close up offshore corporate tax loopholes. Others still need convincing. A total of 538 organizations – representing tens of millions of people – came together to tell the Senate to close up the loopholes that encourage big corporations to move jobs, profits and...
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When Government Is Too Small

October 23, 2013
Every American should have been in the streets when our elected officials labeled cancer care for children as "nonessential." On a damp Friday morning, 11 days into the government shutdown, a few dozen truckers took to the Capital Beltway to tell lawmakers they were angry. They were protesting big...
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Congress Reaches an Agreement….For Now

October 23, 2013
After 16 days of gridlock, partisan temper tantrums, and lost paychecks by government workers, Congress finally approved—and the President signed—a bill that reopens and funds the federal government . The good news is this national nightmare is over: government workers are back to work , national...
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10 Ways the Government Shutdown Has Impacted Children

October 16, 2013
10. Access to Child Care: Many students enrolled at early childhood education programs in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Florida weren’t able to attend as some of the Head Start programs were closed due to the government shutdown; a $10 million donation has reopened seven programs in six states...
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10 Ways the Government Shutdown Has Impacted Women

October 16, 2013
10. Access to Child Care: Moms in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Florida have scrambled to find child care for their children as a number of Head Start programs were closed ; a $10 million donation has reopened seven programs in six states, but funding for other programs may run out by the end...
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The Children of Head Start

October 16, 2013
As an assistant Head Start teacher, I see the impact of the program every day. Our program in Chicago has children who would continue to have rotting teeth and no childhood immunizations without the support and requirements of the program. Children who are non-communicative, developmentally delayed...
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WIC: More than a check, it's a village every mother and child need

October 15, 2013
Is this seriously up for debate? Does the necessity of WIC really need to be justified? Who questions whether or not support, matter of fact community support, is needed?! I remember... I remember being six months pregnant, college graduate, laid off from a high-paying medical sales career, talking...

Furloughed and it doesn’t feel so good

October 15, 2013
I've been furloughed from the CDC in Atlanta; there are thousands of us here. We are anxious to get back to work. We work on strategies to reduce chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes and we are not allowed to work. It doesn’t make sense that this Congress is holding us hostage. My family...
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Going hungry in the month of Thanksgiving? If Congress fails to fund the government, here's what families lose:

October 8, 2013
Congress has failed to pass a continuing resolution (CR) funding the government. While critical nutrition assistance programs like SNAP, WIC and school meals are expected to have the resources to continue providing benefits through October, should the government shutdown continue into November,...
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