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MomsRising Newsroom

November 15, 2021
Statement “America’s moms are thrilled to see President Biden sign the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law this afternoon. It is a major and unprecedented accomplishment that will not only improve our roads and bridges but also ensure more children and families have safe drinking water, more families have Internet access, more of us can breathe clean air, and many more of us have good-paying jobs. While this is a huge and long overdue accomplishment, lawmakers’ work is not nearly done.
November 15, 2021
Media advisory As Congress returns from recess, workers and advocates will descend on Washington, urging lawmakers to follow infrastructure bill with Build Back Better   Build Back Better’s historic investments create hundreds of thousands of jobs, lift wages for majority woman of color workforce, expand care access to millions   
November 4, 2021
Statement “America’s moms and families are counting on Congress to pass both the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Build Back Better packages without delay.
November 3, 2021
Statement “Nearly two years into a deadly pandemic that has upended life in America while taking 745,000 lives and infecting tens of millions, we are profoundly relieved that a safe, effective vaccine is now available for children ages 5 - 11. This vaccine will help safeguard the health of children and families, especially as we head into the colder months when people gather indoors much more. The vaccine the CDC approved yesterday will protect our kids from COVID, prevent hospitalizations and long-term COVID symptoms, and save lives.
October 28, 2021
Statement “America’s moms and families celebrate the  commitment to significant investments toward building the care infrastructure moms, families, businesses and our economy urgently need, including child care, home- and community-based services, living wages for care workers, and an expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit. We applaud the historic, unprecedented investment of $400 billion for universal pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds and affordable child care, and making refundability of the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent for low-income families.
October 27, 2021
Statement “We have become a nation in which low- and middle-income working people pay taxes but the wealthiest individuals and corporations do not. That has led to historic income and wealth inequality and further entrenched the punitive racial and gender disparities we are experiencing today. Quite simply, it needs to change. In a healthy democracy, everyone pays their fair share of taxes.
October 26, 2021
Statement “Tax fairness matters to America’s moms and voters, and it’s long past time for the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes. The Billionaires Income Tax would raise $250 billion in revenue over the next decade – more than enough to cover the critical investments moms and families are counting on, including paid family/medical leave, as we try to create a just recovery from the pandemic that will allow moms, families, businesses, and our economy to thrive.
October 22, 2021
Statement “For as long as MomsRising has existed, our members have shared horror stories about being forced to pump breastmilk in bathrooms, as well as cars, closets, coatrooms, and cafeterias, because they had no alternative. The U.S. House of Representatives took an important step to change that today by passing H.R. 3110, the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act. If it becomes law, the PUMP Act will make life better for 9 million women of childbearing age who are without protections that would give them time and a private space to pump breastmilk at work.
October 21, 2021
Statement “Today serves as a painful reminder of the damaging wage gap Latinas continue to face. In the United States today, Latinas are paid just 57 cents on average for every dollar paid to white men. For Latina moms, the wage gap is even more punitive: just 46 cents on the dollar compared to white dads. More than half of Latina moms are their families’ primary breadwinners, and wage discrimination makes it harder for them to put food on the table, access health care, pay for housing and other necessities, afford child care, save for college and retirement, and more.