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MomsRising Newsroom

November 9, 2011
News release RALEIGH, NC - North Carolina parents and their kids will don superhero capes Thursday in support of safer chemicals in consumer products. Families will be gathering for a Stroller Brigade event to urge U.S. Senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr to support the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, a bill that would reform the way toxic chemicals are regulated in the U.S.
October 19, 2011
Statement “The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today took an important step to protect our nation’s children, by voting to require independent third-party testing for several dangerous chemicals, including lead and phthalates, in children's products before they reach stores.  
October 3, 2011
News release Washington, D.C. — Representatives from children, family and faith organizations gathered on a national press conference on October 3 to denounce Alabama’s stringent immigration law as a sweeping attempt to frighten the immigrant community and tear families apart.  Last week a federal judge in Alabama refused to block the toughest provisions of Alabama’s immigration law, H.B. 56, effectively becoming the harshest immigration law in the nation.
September 27, 2011
News release Recognizing that anti-immigration laws passed in Arizona and Georgia are unjust and tearing apart families, MomsRising, the online and on-the-ground grassroots organization for moms and everyone who has a mom, has joined forces with more than two dozen other organizations to highlight the lasting damage these laws do to families and communities.  
September 26, 2011
News release Baby bedding that’s labeled no-iron or shrink-resistant may contain chemicals that could cause allergic or asthmatic reactions. You can freeze vinegar and water to make a non-toxic garbage disposal cleaner. Taking off your shoes before entering the house could reduce your exposure to lead-contaminated soil, pesticides and dust mites.  
September 23, 2011
Statement Today, Mayor McGinn’s signature on the paid sick days ordinance brings us one step closer to nearly 200,000 more Seattle workers being able to earn and take paid sick days. The Mayor and the City Council understand how important paid sick days are, not just for families, but for public health, businesses’ bottom line and the economic health of our city.  
September 20, 2011
News release Moms, dads, union members and other activists were handing out backpacks to Massachusetts legislators today to drive home the message that paid sick days are as important during the school season as pencils, pens and…yes, backpacks.  The backpacks were attached to messages from people across the Commonwealth who support paid sick days legislation.  The activists are all members of the Massachusetts Paid Leave Coalition, which is urging lawmakers to pass An Act to Establish Paid Sick Days (H. 1398/S. 930).  
September 15, 2011
Statement The jobs plan that President Obama presented to Congress and the nation last week, and further discussed in a Rose Garden news conference this week, comes at a critical time for our nation’s moms and their families.  The data released this week by the Census Bureau underscores how badly U.S. families need Congress and the President to come together to put our country back to work and jump start the stalled economic recovery.  
September 12, 2011
Statement Today, the Seattle City Council voted to support workers across the city and safeguard our public health. By passing the paid sick days ordinance, City Councilmembers took a stand for the nearly 200,000 Seattle workers who currently can’t take even a single paid sick day and their families.   
September 8, 2011
News release They look huggable, but don’t be fooled – you won’t want to cuddle up with these animals. Moms and kids this morning delivered stuffed germs to members of the Seattle City Council to encourage the passage of the sick days bill without amendments that might limit the number of Seattle workers covered by the legislation. The stuffed animal “germ-o-grams” included notes from Seattle moms, dads and others about the importance of paid sick days for them and their families.