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#5Actions for Week of June 12!

June 12, 2017
Happy Monday! We have some emergency actions for you this week, including a special one to protect healthcare by demanding transparency from the Republicans in the U.S. Senate on what’s they’re actually proposing with healthcare. The clock is ticking. Rumor is that they may try to pass a very bad...
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#5Actions To Fight For Our Democracy! Week of June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017
Happy Monday! We're back with five new and important actions for this week, from protecting the Women's Bureau, to demanding equal pay, to organizing a fun meet up in your community. You are powerful! Take all 5 actions at once, or do one a day. Your choice. What matters most is that you continue...
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It was like being in a real-life horror movie

June 2, 2017
“ I have always known how dangerous pesticides can be...But I never thought I would one day have to go to the emergency room because of them.” - Aylin, cabbage worker This is what happened to 19-year old Aylin and 50+ other cabbage workers as they labored at a Bakersfield, CA farm on Cinco de Mayo...
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Trump’s Budget Cuts Will Harm Young Children and Families

June 2, 2017
At 1,000 Days, we believe that children are the foundation of a country’s greatness . When young children thrive, so do nations. It is why we are deeply concerned by the Trump Administration’s proposal to slash funding for basic nutrition, health and anti-poverty programs that give children here in...
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Fue como estar en una película de terror, pero real

June 2, 2017
“Siempre he estado consiente de lo peligroso que los pesticidas pueden ser…pero nunca pensé que algún día tendría que ir a la sala de emergencia a causa de eso”. - Aylin, trabajadora de la col (repollo). Esto fue lo que le sucedió a Aylin de 19 años de edad, y a más de 50 trabajadores de la col,...
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Take action!

Tell Trump and Congress: Don't Play Politics With Our Kids' Health!

May 30, 2017
"Don't play with our kids." Michelle Obama's statement - in response to US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue's declaration he will roll back or delay key elements of the healthy school meal standards - pretty much sums it up. Healthy food for kids isn't a game. It isn’t a partisan or a...
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Protect Access to Health Care & SNAP by Visiting Your Members of Congress

May 26, 2017
It’s an emergency! Your voice is needed — and is powerful! Sign up to drop by your members of Congress' office(s) to drop off, or share, important materials on health care and SNAP (food stamps). We'll send you everything you need for a successful visit! Sign up here:
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When Parents Get Involved in School Health, #WellnessWins

May 9, 2017
By Ahna Bizjak, Parent and Former PTO President, Oregon School District, WI When it comes to learning healthy habits, parents are children’s first teachers. From cooking nutritious meals at home to being a role model for staying physically active, we lay the foundation for our children’s future...
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Support PE in school? - Be a school wellness hero!

May 8, 2017
Now more than ever, parents need to back schools up when it comes to achieving a healthy school day. School wellness policies govern junk food marketing, physical education and more in schools. And this year all school districts must update their policies by the end of June. This is a great...
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Moms Group Slams Trump Administration Plan to Scale-Back Obama-Era School Lunch Nutritional Requirement

May 4, 2017
“The Trump Administration is effectively selling out our kids to big-monied interests that want to pump our kids full of cheap, processed foods.” WASHINGTON DC -- Earlier this week, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signed a proclamation that weakens Obama-era healthy school lunch standards...
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