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<a href="">QUICK SIGN: Tell Congress to renew registry & support immigrants in our country!</a>

Let your member of Congress know you support our nation’s immigrants and want to pass the Renew Registry bill!

<a href="">Get Out the Vote in 2022 with FREE Postcards!</a>

MomsRising is making it super easy (and FREE) for you to help get-out-the-vote to women voters before the 2022 election.

<a href="">We can prevent stillbirths. Urge the Senate to Act!</a>

23,500 babies (65 a day) are stillborn every year in the United States. It doesn't have to be this way - we can do something about it―right now!

<a href="">Help Us Reach More Than 1 Million Moms!</a>

This coming election will determine the future for many generations to come. Everything from our civil rights, and healthcare to our family's economic security, education, care infrastructure, and safety is at stake. JOIN US in charting the next chapter in women’s history— the future that our children deserve and that the women before us would be proud of!

<a href="">QUICK SIGNATURE: We need the Senate to deliver for women and families by passing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act</a>

Let the Senate know that women and families should not have to choose between a paycheck and a healthy pregnancy. They need to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act!

<a href="">Why is Marriage Equality Important to You?</a>

Share your experience with MomsRising today!