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Breaking Through into 2023! New Year, New Resolutions, New Victories!

January 11, 2023
On the radio show this week we dive into 2023 to cover the latest with the care infrastructure policies (paid family/medical leave, childcare, home- and community-based services, and fair pay for care workers), the ongoing fight for everyone who needs access to abortioncare to have access, hear...
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Stepping into the Light of Triumph for Maternal Mental Health!

January 17, 2023
They say teamwork makes the dream work. We are set to find out how that concept will unfold on the issue of maternal mental health in the United States. With your help, the bipartisan TRIUMPH for New Moms Act (“TRIUMPH”) ( H.R.4217 / S.2779 ) and Into the Light For Maternal Mental Health and...
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MomsRising family in front of the Capitol during their Child Tax Credit Day of Action

Day in the Life: Follow MomsRising on a Child Tax Credit Day of Action in Capitol Hill!

December 15, 2022
One year ago today (December 15th, 2021), the last expanded monthly Child Tax Credit payments went out. These checks were a huge relief for families to help pay for necessities like medical bills, rent, food, childcare, and more. MomsRising members across the country raised their voices in response...
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Climate Change: The New Threat to Reproductive Health

December 16, 2022
Recent research conducted by the Journal of Women's Health has presented alarming new evidence that environmental toxicants can have a detrimental effect on fetal health. The findings suggest that exposure to environmental toxins contributing to climate change from sources such as air pollution is...
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What the duck?! *I mean duck! Duck! DUCK!

December 13, 2022
Since my toddler is here with me and I can’t say what I REALLY want to say, what I will say is…What the actual **DUCK,** Congress?! Policies like the Child Tax Credit are a huge ducking deal and families are tired of waiting, so we are sending ALL the ducks to Washington, DC instead – and we need...
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We Are MomsRising
MomsRising Beacon Carolyn Solitaire

Listening for a Change: Meet Carolyn

December 12, 2022
“I’m used to being in places where you’re not appreciated…being with MomsRising, I’m appreciated”
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Welcoming the Second Cohort of the RISERS Parent Fellowship

December 12, 2022
Last year, we launched the RISERS Parent Fellowship, a national fellowship which focuses on early childhood, with the goal of supporting parent leaders and helping them develop their skills as advocates and leaders in their communities to help advance the causes that so many families across the...
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MomsRising Urges Congress to Advance Critical Policies and Investments Before the End of the Year

December 6, 2022
MomsRising-Together-Logo-9.png December 12, 2022 Dear Member of Congress, On behalf of our over one million MomsRising members around the country, we want to thank you for passing impactful legislation to lift up our nation this Congress, including the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure...
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