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A Love Letter to Our Volunteers

April 26, 2024
Dear MomsRising Volunteer, It’s National Volunteer Week, and MomsRising is appreciating – raising a glass to, applauding, sending huge waves of love to – YOU! Thank you for being a member of our amazing, powerful, and inspiring community of more than a million moms and caregivers who make...
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A Joyous Welcome to MomsRising’s 2024 Volunteer Beacon Leaders!

March 11, 2024
We are excited to introduce MomsRising’s new class of national Beacon volunteer leaders. This year we have expanded our Beacons network to one hundred and seventeen moms and caregivers from across the country – from Alaska to Alabama, from New Mexico to Tennessee – who have committed to this ten...
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Our Stories, Our Power: 2024 Legislative Session Recap

March 7, 2024
The 2024 Washington State legislative session just wrapped, and we are celebrating some mom-umental wins. None of these would have been possible without MomsRising members meeting with their lawmakers , speaking out , testifying , testifying some more , and even mobilizing in Olympia (kiddos and...
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¡Es hora de jugar a la Lotería del Estado de la Unión!

March 6, 2024
¡Únete a nosotros para jugar Lotería durante el Estado de la Unión a las 9pmET/6pmPT el jueves 7 de marzo! Consigue tu cartón, marca las importantes victorias para el movimiento de cuidado mientras el presidente Joe Biden habla, ¡y celebra cuando las políticas que son importantes para nosotros...
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Are you ready for The Tea, New Hampshire?

February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24th, 2024 You're in! Welcome to Tea Time with MomsRising New Hampshire! We're so excited to share this inaugural edition of our newsletter with you and hope that the coming editions fill you with hope, allow you to engage in our shared work in ways that work for you and meet you...
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Say NO WAY to Florida child labor law rollbacks

February 17, 2024
The glow of Valentine's Day is still about, but it’s hard to feel the love when Florida Republicans' heartless efforts to roll back child labor protections that keep our kids safe from employer exploitation are moving faster than Cupid’s arrow right through the heart. **Tell the Florida Senate to...
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Sign on!: Leap into action with us in Washington State!

February 9, 2024
Let’s leap into action this month and this year! We are halfway into legislative session and now’s the time to make sure the House and Senate keep our families’ needs in mind! Right now, lawmakers are in the final countdown to pass bills and send them to the opposite chamber for consideration. If...
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A megaphone and a quotation bubble that says "TAKE ACTION ON THE WORKING FAMILIES TAX CREDIT!"

QUICK SIGNATURE: Expand the Working Families Tax Credit!

January 25, 2024
Washington made history in 2021 when the legislature passed and funded the Working Families Tax Credit , a first-of-its-kind policy for the state that will put millions of dollars back into the pockets of families. Eligible households can receive up to $1,200 per year and applications for this year...
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Parents demand child care solutions in Florida

January 22, 2024
For the last year I’ve been talking to parents and caregivers of young kids in every corner of our state and you know what everyone had in common? That the VPK (Voluntary Preschool Program) and child care system in our state doesn’t work for families. That’s the bad news. The good news is the new bill in the Florida legislature that could help change that.
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A child reading a book sitting under a larger book that is covering them like a tent.

Let's Let Our Legislators Know: Ban book bans!

January 19, 2024
Across the country there have been efforts to ban books in schools. This is happening here in Washington State, too. We have the chance to ban book bans in public schools by passing SB 6208 and HB 2331. Sign on now to ban book bans in Washington State! These bills would prohibit the banning of...
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