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Am I An Advocate?

February 9, 2017
Your friends share petitions on Facebook and maybe you sign them or scroll past. Or perhaps, you have that one issue you feel passionate about. Maybe you’ve joined a few Facebook groups for support with like-minded moms. Does that make you an advocate? If you find yourself spurting out facts about...
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Still We Rise: 9 Amazing Ways YOU Made an Impact for Women and Families in 2016

February 3, 2017
Before we get too far into the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to thank our MomsRising supporters for powering incredible MOMentum in 2016. Looking back, it wasn’t that long ago that women’s and family economic security -- from paid family leave to equal pay – were barely part of the political...
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Creating Healthy Eating Opportunities for the Nation’s Native American Populations

January 27, 2017
The Lower Sioux Community is working increase access to healthier and more traditional foods in order to help reduce some of the diet-related health impacts many tribal members are experiencing.
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Walgreens infant formula may contain harmful nanoparticles. Now the company is silencing shareholders.

January 24, 2017
Recently, Walgreens’ Well Beginnings infant formula was reported to contain engineered hydroxyapatite (HA) nanoparticles, according to independent laboratory testing commissioned by Friends of the Earth. This is important because an expert committee of the European Union concluded that nano-HA may...
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This Is Hunger

January 19, 2017
Stories of hunger where you least expect it are plentiful – yet they are hidden from view. TIH_Molly_ .jpg “In the fall of 1997, I drove up to my $3 million home and saw a small note tacked on the door saying the house was going to be auctioned off in 30 days.... Circumstances like divorce and job...
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What Can We Expect for Food Policy in 2017?

December 23, 2016
In 2017, the MomsRising Food Team is expecting quite a few changes. These changes will impact all of our lives. As a result, we want to be prepared, or as prepared as humaly possible. Join #FoodFri on January 6, 2017, between 1-2pm EST, as @MomsRising chats with @CSPI about food policy in 2017. We'...
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How to use the holidays to push for heathy habits - aka less sugar?

December 9, 2016
This is my favorite time of year. Parrandas/caroling, and get togethers with family and friends, during this holiday season are always such a treat. But what isn't a treat is the amount of sugar eaten during the holidays. It's estimated that most people gain an average of 5 to 10 pounds! There's a...
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Keep Pounding

December 9, 2016
How Grassroots Organizing and Popular Protest Defeated NC’s Bathroom Governor As a lifelong North Carolinian, I really appreciated this data-based analysis from Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling on how the Governor lost his re-election effort (the first to do so in NC history). First, polls show...
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Breastfeeding is a human right

December 9, 2016
December 10 is Human Rights Day . And right before the Human Rights Day this year, I received an e-mail from a mother, upset that her employer doesn’t support breastfeeding and that her supervisor told her “Not only breastfeeding moms are good moms, formula is as good.” I was saddened. I am sad...
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Take Action!

Join me to tell Nickelodeon: back parents up!

December 5, 2016
As the weather turns colder my kids are spending more and more time indoors. That includes being able to watch some of their favorite tv shows, like Avatar on Nickelodeon. Favorite shows are fun, but I'm so tired of the junk food marketing that comes into my home with them. And it's not just on the...
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