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“They Just Have to Make It Right”: The First Year of the Massachusetts Law on Standards for Pregnant Women in Prison

May 15, 2015
One year ago today, I was thrilled to have a front-row seat when the Massachusetts governor signed the pregnancy care and anti-shackling bill into law. Twelve months later, my mood is tempered by the mixed picture we see around the state, from full compliance with the law on paper to violations of...
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Family Detention Can't Be Fixed - It Must End

May 15, 2015
The extraordinarily brave women and children I've met in family detention facilities fled here for a chance of a better life. We must do better by them than to lock them far away from lawyers and social services in a jail dormitory with a pretty name.
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Michigan Adoption-Specific RFRA Bills Would Protect the Personal Biases of Providers at the Expense of Foster Youth

May 14, 2015
State legislators in Michigan have introduced a set of bills that put at risk some of the state’s most vulnerable residents: Michigan’s more than 3,300 youth living in care. These three bills, HB 4188, 4189, and 4190, are Indiana-style RFRAs, and would permit adoption and foster care service...
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Mocha Moms, Inc., Announces Historic Change

May 14, 2015
Mocha Moms, Inc. announces it is expanding its mission to advocate for Mothers of color, broadening its origins 18 years ago as a support group for at-Home mothers of color. "There's been a lot of change and growth in our organization," said Kuae Mattox, National President of Mocha Moms, Inc. "Our...

Criminalizing Poverty

May 8, 2015
“Held captive.” It was how one 13-year-old described the feeling of growing up poor in our wealthy nation, and for more and more Americans living in poverty, this feeling isn’t just a metaphor. The recent Department of Justice report on police and court practices in Ferguson, Missouri put a much...
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Instead of A Card

May 7, 2015
Mothers In Charge is turning pain into power by launching a new effort to focus resources on the root causes of violence and promote healing.
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Mother's Day for Peace

May 7, 2015
Let's get serious about Mother's Day. Not about the pretense: we all know that drill; it's not really about the flowers and dinners, etc. The real story is much more stark, but also quite sensational. A woman proposed it: an assertive woman who was not looking for gifts and attention, but who...
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National Teacher Week: Women and the Teaching Brain

May 5, 2015
In celebration of National Teacher Week I’d like to talk about the many women in teaching. It is of no surprise that teaching is a female dominated profession. Back in September the New York Times published an article “ Why don’t more men go into teaching ?” citing that more than 75% of all...
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Baltimore, An Opportunity for Healing

May 1, 2015
I have just travelled by train back and forth from New York to Washington D.C., passing through the Baltimore train station in each direction. Both times as I listened to the passenger doors opening and closing again, I looked out my window for the signs of social distress I knew was underway. I...
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The 10 Powerful Things We Learned From Baltimore Riots In Photos #BaltimoreRiots

May 1, 2015
This blog post and accompanying photo collage originally appeared in Tech Life Magazine . If you turned on the television and watched the evening news it appears that the entire community of Baltimore looks like a war zone. However, underneath all the Baltimore riots smoke, fires and unrest, there...
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