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Instead of A Card

May 7, 2015
Mothers In Charge is turning pain into power by launching a new effort to focus resources on the root causes of violence and promote healing.
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National Teacher Week: Women and the Teaching Brain

May 5, 2015
In celebration of National Teacher Week I’d like to talk about the many women in teaching. It is of no surprise that teaching is a female dominated profession. Back in September the New York Times published an article “ Why don’t more men go into teaching ?” citing that more than 75% of all...
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Baltimore, An Opportunity for Healing

May 1, 2015
I have just travelled by train back and forth from New York to Washington D.C., passing through the Baltimore train station in each direction. Both times as I listened to the passenger doors opening and closing again, I looked out my window for the signs of social distress I knew was underway. I...
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The 10 Powerful Things We Learned From Baltimore Riots In Photos #BaltimoreRiots

May 1, 2015
This blog post and accompanying photo collage originally appeared in Tech Life Magazine . If you turned on the television and watched the evening news it appears that the entire community of Baltimore looks like a war zone. However, underneath all the Baltimore riots smoke, fires and unrest, there...
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Take Action

Now I’m in this movement saying “I can’t leave…”

April 28, 2015
As I watch the events unfolding following Freddie Gray’s funeral , I’m trying to find inspiration from the March2Justice that happened just one week ago today. Justice League NYC —along with families, youth, and community leaders—marched 250 miles from New York City all the way to the nation's...
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Should corporations be watching our kids?

April 24, 2015
As a mom, I have to address the reality of social media in my children’s lives, along with balancing the privacy they need to grow and mature in a world I am handing off to them. Part of that is keeping them safe from predators by teaching them how to navigate technology they are more comfortable...
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Road Trip to See the President

April 24, 2015
It’s hard to explain how it felt to be so close and hear President Obama talking about the issues moms deal with in our own lives every day. How empowering it was to feel like we have a leader who actually gets the struggles families face. What it meant to have a President speaking from his own experience of watching his grandmother hit the glass ceiling and of what he hopes for his own daughters. It was vindicating and energizing and hopeful all at once. But, strange as it sounds to say it, the three-hour road trip each way was just as powerful in its own way.
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Stuck Outside the Poor Door

April 24, 2015
More than 88,000 people have applied to enter the "poor door" at a new luxury condominium tower on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Only one in 1,600 will win the lottery to live there. Some months ago a New York developer made headlines with the plans for this building, which takes advantage of...
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Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, Inaugurated, Addresses Domestic Violence

April 23, 2015
Vivek Murthy, MD, sworn in as the nation's 19th Surgeon General, calls for a Great American Community focused on pedestrian lifestyles, smoke-free campuses, mental health awareness, and citizen involvement to end domestic violence.
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The Dangers of Peeing

April 23, 2015
I listened to my five year old try, very patiently and politely, to explain to this stranger that he was, in fact, in the right place. That he had every right in the world to go into the Men's room. That he just had to pee.
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