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RADIO This Week: #BlackLivesMatter #SwimSafe #FindYourStory #BeHeard

June 14, 2015
#BlackLivesMatter #SwimSafe #FindYourStory #BeHeard *Thank you to special guests on the radio show this week including: Patrice Cullors, founder of Dignity and Power Now and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter; Mario Vittone, leading expert on immersion hypothermia, drowning, sea survival, and safety...
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#RADIO: Summer of Justice, Working with Kids In The House, Tips for Sunscreens, and Beach Reading

June 9, 2015
The radio show this week covers a summer of justice, working with kids in the house, tips for sunscreens, and beach reading. *Special guests include: Dante Berry , Million Hoodies Movement for Justice Sonya Lunder, Environmental Working Group Ruth Martin , MomsRising Catherine Linka, author. LISTEN...
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#Radio This Week: Women Win, America Wins

May 26, 2015
This week the radio show covers how powerful women are boosting our families and our economy. Check out our amazing guests! It's a can't-miss episode: *Special guests include: U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ; Monifa Bandele, MomsRising; Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal ; and Vivien Labaton...
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MomsRising Radio this week: How To Change Our World For The Better

April 3, 2015
This show starts with tips for you on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and email to change the world from a social media guru. In the next segment a Washington Post journalist shares some surprising insights. And then a surprise guest shares insights on breaking through partisan barriers. We close the...
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MomsRising Radio this week: A Valentine to #Childcare #FoodJustice #Healthcare and #Equality

February 14, 2015
On Valentine’s week we embrace the rising tide to increase access to affordable childcare, to healthy food for all, to healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act, and to justice. It’s an ode to awesome policy—and covers how to build and grow positive change! It’s a love story for democracy...
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MomsRising Radio this week: #ForwardTogether

February 7, 2015
This show includes the following segments: Forward Together: The Moral Monday Marches in North Carolina and how they’re building a movement. " What Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman Teach Us About Respectability & Black Masculinity .” The President’s budget & what’s in it for you. Inside...
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MomsRising Radio this week: Football, Culture, Domestic Violence, Making Changes, and Standing Up

January 31, 2015
“Work hard and believe in yourself even when nobody else believes in you.” - Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks #BigGame (#GoHawks!) *Special guests on the #RADIO show for this #BigGame week include: Melissa Jacobs , Founder and Managing Editor of ; Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka, co-...
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Is it a simple ear infection or a disaster waiting to happen?

January 20, 2015
Like many sandwich generation moms, I've been around the block when it comes to maladies of the ear. Both of my elderly parents are hard of hearing; and before my daughter reached 2nd grade, she had endured four ear surgeries. So I thought I'd seen it all. But the other day, I met a woman who...
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MomsRising Radio this week: Double Rainbow - Inspired & Fired Up

January 17, 2015
It was the equivalent of a double rainbow in politics this week with big advancements in states and in our nation’s capitol. President Barack Obama announced groundbreaking new initiatives for sick days and paid family (maternity/paternity) leave; and states across the country ramped up their...
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MomsRising Radio this week: #NewYear - New Opportunities & Challenges: What’s ahead!

January 10, 2015
Happy New Year! Happy 2015! On this show we spend some time reflecting on New Year’s resolutions. Do you have one? Are you going to keep it? Get some tips for how to have a healthy 2015. Then our next segment takes a close look at the often overlooked issue of civil asset forfeiture. Heard of that...
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