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Access to Healthy Communities - #MaternalJustice Tweetchat 4.24.17

December 4, 2017
This tweetchat is about access to health, which is one of the core tenets of our #MaternalJustice campaign. Access to health means access to safe communities and environments. Black women in poor communities don’t have safe spaces to work out and focus on their health. Safe spaces don’t only...
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Tax Bill the U.S. Senate Passed Is Destructive for Our Country

December 3, 2017
Last night, U.S. Senate Republicans made it clear that their loyalties lie with big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent, not with moms, women, working families, or our economy. The tax plan they passed would punish the middle class, devastate essential programs that boost our health care,...
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“I just can’t sit here and yell at the TV”

November 28, 2017
Today, we’re celebrating Giving Tuesday by honoring our dedicated KeepMarching leaders and volunteer advocates like you, many of whom have deepened their commitment to change through our KeepMarching program. And we’re inviting supporters like you to help MomsRising keep opening avenues for bold...
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Incarcerated Pregnant Women and Moms

November 27, 2017
Guests: Texas Jail Project , Forward Together, Echoing Ida, Sisters Diaspora for Liberation, Essie Justice Group
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#GivingTuesday: How You Can Help Us Spread the Word!

November 24, 2017
I’m writing this sitting on the couch, still slightly stuffed after a small and quiet Thursday dinner that involved no turkey, lobster mac and cheese, brussel sprouts and an oversized pumpkin pie among other goodies. The office is quiet and I just can’t help it, I had to get online and write...
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This Thanksgiving Eve, I Am So Grateful.

November 22, 2017
On Thanksgiving eve, I’m thankful, worried, busy, tired, and optimistic all at the same time. I bet you are too. I’ve got lists for the grocery store (can’t forget the sweet potatoes!) and for Congress (urge them to stop their destructive tax plan in its tracks). This has been quite a year. I’ve...
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We Have a Sexual Assault and Harassment Crisis in America, and It Should Not Be a Partisan Issue

November 21, 2017
A whopping one-in-four women say they have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace . One-in-three women have experienced some form of sexual violence in her lifetime. Almost 23 million women have been victims of rape or attempted rape in the United States. We believe women. We believe facts...
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House Republican Tax Bill ‘Throws Working Families Under the Bus’

November 16, 2017
By passing a harmful, heinous tax bill, House Republicans today threw working families under the bus in order to kowtow to big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent of people in our country. This bill will give tax breaks to those who need it least while doing real damage to our economy and...
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For Thanksgiving, Moms Will Show Appreciation for Immigrants in Our Families, Workplaces and Communities

November 15, 2017
One week before Thanksgiving, MomsRising, SEIU, Herd on the Hill, Mormon Women for Ethical Governance, UndocuBlack, CASA and allies will visit Capitol Hill to tell members of Congress why they’re thankful for the immigrants in their lives. The groups will also remind members of Congress that the...
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MomsRising on the Inclusion of the ACA Mandate Repeal in the Senate Tax Bill

November 15, 2017
Yesterday, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Senate tax bill would include a provision to do away with the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that all Americans have health insurance. The repeal of the individual mandate would remove the incentive for younger, healthier Americans...
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