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Top 5 Tools for a Non-toxic Year

January 3, 2012
Happy new year! How are your new years resolutions going? Last week, we talked about a few ideas for non-toxic New Years resolutions . If you're trying one of these resolutions, testing a non-toxic resolution of your own, or just recommitting yourself to detoxing your life in the new year, these...
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2011: A Year of Non-toxic Tips

December 28, 2011
It can feel like a toxic world out there, but MomsRising is here to help. Every Tuesday on the MomsRising blog , you can find new information on how to eliminate dangerous chemicals and toxins that are in every day products. Topics have ranged from choosing sunscreen and beauty products, to making...
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5 Non-toxic New Years Resolutions

December 27, 2011
Go to the gym. Get organized. Start a new hobby. There's a list of three common new years resolutions, which doubles as a list of resolutions I've made and haven't kept a hundred times over. But my non-toxic resolutions? Those I've kept, because I've made them easy and concrete. Two years ago, I...
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Fall 2011: A Season of Non-Toxic Tips

December 21, 2011
The holiday season is in full swing, and for much of the country, winter coats and mittens are here to stay for the next few months. But even though it's felt like winter for a while, today is the official last day of Fall. Lets celebrate the end of the season by taking a look back at all of this...
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Stand Up for REAL Food - Twinkies Aren't Breakfast

December 20, 2011
Of course you don't serve your kids Twinkies or Chips Ahoy! cookies for breakfast. But many of us are serving our kids just as much - or more - sugar every day in the good ol' American cereal bowl. How much? See how bad it really is in Environmental Working Group's new report, Sugar in Children's...
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My Holiday Wish: Labeling on Genetically Engineered Foods

December 20, 2011
The holidays can be like candy canes-they're sticky, they're sweet, with a whole lot of little surprises. But worrying about the ingredients in candy canes is the last thing any parent wants to have to think about at this time of year. Yet with the growing number of children with diabetes, obesity...
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Non-toxic Tips for Winter Coughs & Colds

December 20, 2011
I used to catch every cold that came into town. Office colds? Check. Office colds from my boyfriend’s office? Colds from family/friends/strangers schools/offices/jousting tournaments? Check, check, check. My winters were a series of tissue boxes, cough syrups, and congested mutterings that could be...
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Power on our plates

December 16, 2011
When my daughter was in kindergarten, she would inspect her friends' strawberries at lunchtime. “No no, you don’t want to eat that,” she would solemnly inform them. “It’s not organic. It might have yucky chemicals on it.” Yucky chemicals indeed. Studies continue to pile up showing how pesticides on...
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3 Easy Steps to Toxic Free & Yummy Stocking Stuffers!

December 8, 2011
Edible treats make great stocking stuffers; just make sure they’re not stuffed with toxins. Follow these basic tricks to find non-toxic (and inexpensive!) alternatives: 1) Look for less packaging: Those giant, food filled holiday baskets are home to loads of plastic. And unfortunately, even for...
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Fighting to Sell Junk Food to Kids: Really, grocery manufacturers? That’s your highest priority?

November 17, 2011
Think of all the things that food manufacturers could be doing to improve the nation’s health. They could reduce the amount of salt in packaged foods to help prevent blood pressure from rising. They could make healthier foods for school lunches. And they could use their billions of advertising...
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