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Join us at NOW - NYC for Susan B. Anthony Awards

February 14, 2009
Please join me for this wonderful celebration! I'm deeply honored. Also so proud to be part of a blogging community at _____________________________________ NOW TO HONOR JOY ROSE You are invited to the National Organization for Women New York City's 29th Annual Susan B. Anthony Awards February 19th, 2009 The National Arts Club 15 Gramercy Park South 6:00 PM
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Acknowledging the Challenges of Motherhood

November 10, 2008
I can’t imagine my life without the two enchanting creatures that fill my days with snuggles, laughter and new adventures. I wouldn’t trade my role as a mother for anything in the world. In all honesty, there are some societal trends that have me concerned about the pressures being placed on contemporary moms.
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Moms Movement Voices Progressive Ideal

May 13, 2008
Many election-year observers have noted the absence of a compelling idea or framework to unite either party—and ultimately the electorate—in the Presidential race. Slogans like "change," "experience," and "security" don't suffice at a time when Americans are being pounded by waves of global, demographic, and technological change.
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