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Food Revolution: Join the Party Tonight!

April 20, 2011
Last night saw the second episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC, don’t worry if you missed it though as you can catch up on . In last night’s episode, Jamie was finally allowed into a school where he met with some students and was confronted with the frightening reality of...
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Food Revolution- No Sugary Milk!

April 13, 2011
We hope you watched the premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last night on ABC and saw Jamie with his pink slime and school bus full of sugar. If you missed it, make sure you check it out on or because we know when you see it, you will want to act. And we've got just the...
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Congress to EPA: Finalize Dioxin Study Once and For All!

April 11, 2011
Today, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) and 72 members of Congress sent a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson urging the EPA to finalize their long-delayed study on Dioxin once and for all. Read all about it in Rep. Markey's press release. EPA’s study on dioxin has been delayed for over 20 years due...
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The BPA Diet

April 11, 2011
According to magazines and TV commercials, I will be spending the next three months in a swimsuit. To someone who has worked full time every summer since I was fourteen, and had the Bay Area pleasure of having a sultry summer day cap out around 65 degrees, I say hooray! (Although I’m still not sure...
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A disturbing pattern

April 7, 2011
"It's offensive to me when politicians compare our current national budgeting issues with tightening a family budget. We moms know how to budget for our families. We know to not always buy the $20 steaks, but we don't cut out milk for our kids. The current proposed federal budget cuts literally...
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Some cosmetics companies treat every day like April Fool's Day

April 1, 2011
When we were 12 and 13 years old my girlfriends and I would often troll the cosmetics aisle of our local drugstore looking for new and exciting products to buy with our allowance money. Being a green-minded person even then, I reached for cosmetics I thought were natural, like Aveeno, Herbal...

The Right Priorities For Our Working Families

March 29, 2011
The 2010 election was a mandate for one thing: creating jobs and strengthening our economy for the long term. I heard that message loud and clear from New York families in every corner of our state, and I am working with my colleagues in Congress on solutions that will help create good-paying jobs...
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Healthy Food Procurement Policies Stress Prevention on National, State, and Local Levels

March 24, 2011
The United States Department of Health and Human Services unveiled its Health and Sustainability Guidelines for Federal Concessions and Vending Operations . This strategy of prevention coincides with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to create a generation of healthier children in...
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Prescription drugs in Pregnancy: Tell the FDA you need to know the facts

March 10, 2011
When a pregnant woman comes down with a cold or minor infection, the information about what options are safe for treating her symptoms often are nonexistent. Similarly, if a woman is being treated for a chronic illness, pregnancy can throw her treatment regimen into disarray with uncertainty about...

Front-of-Package Labels that Market Children’s Food Products Hide Truth

January 21, 2011
When I go grocery shopping with my year-old daughter Mirabel, it’s clear that what she lacks in life experience she makes up for with a keen sense of which products were designed just for her. The cereal boxes clad in cartoon characters and soup cans outfitted with Disney princesses already attract...
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