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Environmental Health

Flint Crisis is Michigan’s Crisis

February 11, 2016
Whether you’re Governor Rick Snyder or Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow or Jimmy Fallon, Madonna or Ziggy Ansah, it’s all about Flint right now . The same is true for us here at the League. This man-made disaster has drawn the national spotlight to Michigan for all the wrong reasons. Every day...
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Demand Justice And Solutions For Flint! #FlintWaterCrisis

February 2, 2016
As parents, we do all we can to keep our kids healthy. And we rely on our government to make sure we have access to essentials like clean water. That shouldn't change depending on what color we are, our income level, or where we live. That's why we're beyond mad about the lead contamination of...
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MomsRising joins 80+ Groups in Call for KFC to Help Save Antibiotics!

January 28, 2016
Today MomsRising and more than 80 environmental, consumer, food, and other public interest groups publicly called on the executives of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to serve chicken raised without the routine use of antibiotics. The focus on KFC marks the next step in a marketplace initiative driven...
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Get toxic chemicals out of kids' products!

January 19, 2016
For many families, snuggling up on the couch for a story or tucking the kids into bed are treasured routines. Our children’s beds and the couches in our living rooms are places where our children and families should feel safe. But unfortunately bedding, pillows, couches, and too many other products...
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How is the state of our antibiotics in 2016?

January 15, 2016
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Thomas Frieden lists among their greatest concerns for the coming year, “Find and stop outbreaks of drug-resistant organisms rapidly and protect antibiotics by greatly improving their rational use among both humans and feed animals."...
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6 Ways to Resist Kid-Targeted Advertising (and Save the Planet!)

December 30, 2015
Research shows that the more people care about money, wealth, and possessions, the less they value protecting the environment. Materialistic values correlate negatively with how often adults and children engage in pro-environmental behaviors such as commuting by bike, reusing paper, buying...
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Choosing Nontoxic Holiday Gifts for Children

December 22, 2015
Last-minute holiday shopping for the kids in our lives can be stressful. We want to make sure we give them gifts that they’ll love and that are also good for them. Unfortunately, outdated toxics regulations don’t make it any easier on parents trying to find safe, nontoxic gifts that we can feel...
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Paring down Paris: What's it mean for families?

December 14, 2015
OK, so Julie and I didn’t actually storm the podium at the international climate change talks in Paris. But we are elated that a historic decision was reached there which lays the foundation for justice and hope for all of the world’s people. The Paris Agreement holds great promise for families in...
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A Special Match for #GivingTuesday

December 1, 2015
You gave thanks. You ate delicious food. You got deals. Now, it’s time to give back! Today is Giving Tuesday, a national day of celebrating and supporting the causes that matter most to us – like making the world a better, safer, more just place for women, moms and families. To mark this day,...
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What you need to know about #AntibioticResistance

November 16, 2015
This week, the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention are recognizing World Antibiotic Awareness Week and 'Get Smart' on Antibiotics Week , respectively, in efforts to address a major and growing threat to public health: antibiotic resistant infections. These...
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