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Navigating a Sunscreen Wonderland

May 31, 2011
Memorial Day has come and gone, which means summer is just around the corner. Whether you tan or don’t tan, whether you lounge on tropical beaches or prefer to spend your summer afternoons doing less sun dappled activities, sunscreen is a must. I’m sure you’ve all been dutifully applying sunscreen...
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Report back: Delivering your signatures to the White House!

May 19, 2011
Good news! Today I had the opportunity to represent MomsRising at a meeting with White House officials about cancer prevention. Your signatures were delivered along with those from other organizations who are also members of the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Coalition . We talked about how...
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Flame Retardants: The Asbestos of Our Time?

May 18, 2011
Every time I travel out east to visit my parents and grandmother I always think of my grandfather. Growing up, he was a second father to me, always present and supportive in every way. I will never forget the way he delighted in playing with my son, his first great grandson. He never got to meet my...
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Protecting Our Kids from Asthma

May 16, 2011
This month is National Asthma Awareness Month, when we address an illness that affects nearly 25 million Americans and one in every ten children in the United States. Safeguarding the air we breathe and preventing illnesses like asthma attacks is one of my most important jobs as Administrator of...
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The Feminist Anti-War Roots of Mother's Day

May 13, 2011
Listen as a podcast You wouldn't know it from a visit to the Hallmark card store, but the origin of Mother's Day in the U.S. has feminist anti-war roots. The earliest celebrations honoring mothers trace back to ancient times and were primarily spiritual in nature. They centered around goddesses and...
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Coal Industry Attempts to Muddy School Curriculum

May 13, 2011
I have been writing a lot about air quality as part of my work with Moms Clean Air Force , an initiative by the Environmental Defense Fund. While I have always been passionate about preserving our environment for my children and future generations, I have also learned a lot on the job. For one, I...
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Got Allergies? It's the Air That You're Breathing

May 10, 2011
Ever since my seven-year-old son was a baby he was a snorer. Every time my father visited, he would joke, “¡Tienes una sinfonía!” You have a symphony! At first my husband and I laughed off the snoring as a quirk of our sweet, smart, and otherwise healthy boy. But it became an issue when teachers...
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What I Want for Mother's Day

May 7, 2011
I just had to share this excellent column from my colleague Mary Anne Hitt, the director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign and a mom. Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day Wish This Sunday, I will be celebrating my second Mother's Day. My daughter Hazel (pictured at the left testifying with me...

Protect Our Children from Toxic Coal Pollution

May 6, 2011
In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, I invited an amazing mom and activist to share her story about a very important issue the Sierra Club is working on: toxic mercury pollution from coal plants . This piece is by Anna Getty, a member of the Sierra Club, and the co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness...

Let's make our schools healthy & safe!

May 5, 2011
Like any parent, when I drop off my kids at school, I want to trust they'll be safe. Safe from violence, safe from bullying, safe from diseases and pests — and safe from pesticides that can cause them harm. As evidence continues to pile up that pesticides can harm children's health and development...
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