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Review: Raising Elijah

April 21, 2011
As co-founder and co-publisher of, I receive many books and products to review. I recently received an advance copy of Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children In An Age of Environmental Crisis , which is now available in hardcover on for $16.91. First, a couple thoughts...
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BPA: The Reality Show

April 21, 2011
20 people. 5 families. Fresh food intervention. How low can their BPA levels go? It sounds like the premise for a reality show. But there are no over-the-top TV antics here. Last week, the Breast Cancer Fund and Silent Spring Institute released a study which tested the levels of the toxic chemical...
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Biggest Budget Cuts in History: The Impact on Latinos

April 19, 2011
Last Friday, after nearly shutting down the government, Congressional leaders agreed to a short-term budget deal that will cut $38 billion in spending for the last 6 months of this fiscal year. The spending cuts are the largest in American history and will likely have a disproportionate impact on...

How hooked am I? Thoughts about my own Screen-Free Week

April 15, 2011
So my daughter-in-law stopped by the office yesterday to pick up a Screen-Free Week Organizer’s Kit. National Screen-Free Week, April 18-24, is hosted by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which I direct. She, her husband, and the two best little girls in the world—okay, in my world—are...
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Congress to EPA: Finalize Dioxin Study Once and For All!

April 11, 2011
Today, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) and 72 members of Congress sent a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson urging the EPA to finalize their long-delayed study on Dioxin once and for all. Read all about it in Rep. Markey's press release. EPA’s study on dioxin has been delayed for over 20 years due...
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The BPA Diet

April 11, 2011
According to magazines and TV commercials, I will be spending the next three months in a swimsuit. To someone who has worked full time every summer since I was fourteen, and had the Bay Area pleasure of having a sultry summer day cap out around 65 degrees, I say hooray! (Although I’m still not sure...
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"Get toxic chemicals out of my_________!"

April 9, 2011
A MomsRising member recently asked us: “ Is there a list of Bisphenol A (BPA)-free canned goods ?” It's a common question that comes from a common situation. After all, BPA is a toxic chemical that's been linked with cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, and more. So, like all of us, this...
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Radiation in Your Children’s Water

April 4, 2011
Radiation now pollutes the drinking water in Tokyo, far from the scene of the ruined power plants. Could that happen in the United States, with our 104 active nuclear power plants, the most of any nation in the world? In fact, it’s already happened, and goes on still, not the outcome of a unique...

Ensuring a Future for My Children

April 4, 2011
( My father, Diego Batista, at one of his favorite fishing spots in Key West, Florida. ) I consider myself to be an optimistic person. I did score a 90 out of 100 in an online happiness survey. As I often joke with friends, it’s the Puerto Rican in me. Did you know that Puerto Rico consistently...
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Some cosmetics companies treat every day like April Fool's Day

April 1, 2011
When we were 12 and 13 years old my girlfriends and I would often troll the cosmetics aisle of our local drugstore looking for new and exciting products to buy with our allowance money. Being a green-minded person even then, I reached for cosmetics I thought were natural, like Aveeno, Herbal...


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