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Let's make our schools healthy & safe!

May 5, 2011
Like any parent, when I drop off my kids at school, I want to trust they'll be safe. Safe from violence, safe from bullying, safe from diseases and pests — and safe from pesticides that can cause them harm. As evidence continues to pile up that pesticides can harm children's health and development...
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Why Are We Afraid of the "E" Word?

May 4, 2011
As a writer and activist, I subscribe to numerous newsletters and have given to countless causes. Here is a sample of what was in my inbox on Tuesday, May 3: "Each year, the first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week — a chance to say thank you to the teachers who work long hours helping our...
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A Mother's Day Gift

May 2, 2011
This piece was cross-posted at the Moms Clean Air Force. I was recently thinking about Mother’s Day gifts from my sons over the years. Those wonderfully awkward clay sculptures they brought home from grade school; the colored drawin gs and the poems they write. And when they got a bit older, and...
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Cancer-free strawberries, please!

April 28, 2011
Turns out people really don't like their strawberries messed with. The recent uproar about a new cancer-causing chemical in strawberry fields started here in California. It's since gone nationwide – and if you want to help keep strawberries cancer-free, there are plenty of ways to join in . Here's...
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Tired of Toxic Chemicals? We've Got a Solution.

April 28, 2011
Over this past year, we've learned more and more about the problem of toxic chemicals. In 2010, the President's Cancer Panel showed a link between exposures to toxic chemicals and rising cancer rates. (1) Six months later, new research from the Journal of Pediatrics showed that a recent rise in...
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What I Want for Mothers Day is for Our Leaders To Stand Up for Us

April 27, 2011
About a year and a half ago, I testified before a California senate committee in support of a bill that would stop mandating -- not ban! -- the use of toxic flame retardants in certain baby products. Studies have linked these toxic chemicals, also known as "halogenated flame retardants" or HFRs,...
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A Time For Reflection on Restoring the Gulf Coast

April 22, 2011
Yesterday was the one-year mark of the BP oil disaster. It has been a busy week. A week of reflection mixed with a renewed sense of urgency for all of us to create more sustainable communities. Our country can’t afford, financially, socially, environmentally or even emotionally, to suffer another...
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Review: Raising Elijah

April 21, 2011
As co-founder and co-publisher of, I receive many books and products to review. I recently received an advance copy of Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children In An Age of Environmental Crisis , which is now available in hardcover on for $16.91. First, a couple thoughts...
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BPA: The Reality Show

April 21, 2011
20 people. 5 families. Fresh food intervention. How low can their BPA levels go? It sounds like the premise for a reality show. But there are no over-the-top TV antics here. Last week, the Breast Cancer Fund and Silent Spring Institute released a study which tested the levels of the toxic chemical...
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Biggest Budget Cuts in History: The Impact on Latinos

April 19, 2011
Last Friday, after nearly shutting down the government, Congressional leaders agreed to a short-term budget deal that will cut $38 billion in spending for the last 6 months of this fiscal year. The spending cuts are the largest in American history and will likely have a disproportionate impact on...