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Late last week, I was mesmerized by the story of a mom who saved herself and her baby from a carjacking. After the ordeal, she remarked: “I’m not a hero. I’m just a mom. That’s all.”

This story got me thinking-- we all would do anything, without even blinking, big or small, when it comes to the safety of our kids. And today, parents across the country are working to protect the health and safety of our children and we need your help.

At this very moment parents, nurses, doctors, college students, and people like you are calling their Senators to ask for common sense limits on toxic chemicals.  Later this summer the Senate is likely to vote on the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, and we want to make sure Senators know this is a top priority for moms and dads before the Congressional Recess.  Hearing from thousands of voters across the country today could make a remarkable difference.

Senators in your state still need to hear from voters like you.  Can you take 2 minutes (we timed it!) to be part of this important day?

Here's the number to call 1-888-892-2110

*When you dial the number above you'll also get easy instructions about what to say as you're connected to your Senator's office.

Why should you make this important call now?

Chemicals used in our homes, workplaces and children’s toys are virtually unregulated in the United States because of an out of date law passed in the 1970s.

Our broken chemicals legislation doesn't help families. Studies show that one of the many contributing factors to the rise in early puberty and obesity is that young children are exposed to dozens of potentially toxic chemicals on a daily basis. In fact, endocrine disruptors, which are chemicals that mimic and interfere with hormones, show up in a wide variety of everyday items including household cleaners, canned foods, and school supplies. These endocrine disruptors can cause the early onset of puberty in girls, as well as boys.

We have the opportunity to ensure chemicals are safe before they end up in our consumer products. The Safe Chemicals Act would give parents and businesses the tools to avoid toxic chemicals without needing a degree in chemistry.

If your Senator hears from you today it could have a remarkable impact.  Call your Senator today and urge them to Co-Sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act:


Together we are a powerful voice for our children and our families!

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