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A Mom Fights Coal Ash's Health Effects

October 15, 2010
My colleague Bruce Nilles, the Deputy Conservation Director of the Sierra Club, has been sharing community coal ash profiles in his columns lately . This week's column (which I've shared below) features a mom fighting back against coal ash , the toxic by-product of burning coal for electricity...

How You Can Help CA Lead the Way in Protecting the Public from Toxins!

October 13, 2010
Every October, we are inundated with information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We here at the Breast Cancer Fund [embed link: ] think that it is not enough to just be aware about breast cancer. We need to start preventing this disease! Last week, we released our...
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Help Your School Go Green!

September 30, 2010
Our nation’s schools are in trouble – and this time, it’s not the test scores. No, this time it is the toxic chemicals lurking in schools that leave children too sick to learn. Many schools around the country are literally made out of an emerging toxic plastic of concern , polyvinyl chloride (a.k.a...
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I thanked Ken Cook for the great work!

September 29, 2010
Last week, I watched Ken Cook (president and founder of Environmental Working Group) talk about 10 Americans at UNC Chapel Hill (live talk here ) He talked about testing the blood of 10 Americans in one day for 413 toxic chemicals. The results of the tests were staggering: a total of 212 toxic...

The fine line

September 23, 2010
Priorities. This amigos and amigas changes with each season of life. When we're younger, we want to be the center of el universo. In our teen years, we want to be heard. In our early twenties, we want to be accomplished young women. Then comes amor, marriage, kids and all in all... life. Sometime,...

Families need more Health Care options

September 23, 2010
I've seen Health Care here in the US from different angles. I had a full time job for a long time that gave me "benefits", those benefits included great Health Care. When I first got in I had no idea what this meant, or that I really had it good. I only paid about $20 co-pays for doctor visits, I...

Changing the World One Mother at a Time

September 20, 2010
I am a mother. I am lots of other things but as society continues to discount and undervalue this role, it is easy to get frustrated and not claim it as loudly as I should. The world talks about how important mothers are. Yet often mothers are the last ones on the list to be asked for their opinion...

Lead Found in PVC Children’s Products (again)

September 17, 2010
It seems that sometimes I can’t turn around without hearing another story about lead popping up in some children’s PVC product. Plastics make it possible, right ? Last week, CNN reported that new testing by Consumer Reports magazine found elevated levels of lead in children’s vinyl rain coats...
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First we are grandparents

September 16, 2010
The following awesome letter to parents and grandparents was written by Nancy Myers, who works at the nonprofit organization, Science and Environmental Health Network , . We are among the many people now trying to figure out how to stop the toxic assault on our children. If you, dear...

Is “Safety” a Dirty Word for Procter and Gamble?

September 16, 2010
Moms know that the ads we see are often the front lines for whether a product gets bought or ignored. A large and increasing number of greener moms may read up on blogs, read reports and articles, and try to look up chemical names of material safety data sheets, but not everyone does this. Many...
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