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America's Obsession with Food

August 25, 2010
Over the past decade, food has become a central theme in entertainment. Television channels and programs are dedicated solely to food preparation, popular chefs, cooking contests, or the latest fad in restaurants. With coverage like this, our standard three meals a day almost resemble an obsession...

Please Act Now to Honor the Mothers

August 24, 2010
The news may be filled with stories of crises and collapse, but through every downfall we are seeing greatness as mothers heed the call for change. As Amie Nelson says in “ How Mothers Can Change the World ,” “ The positive light among us is the growing swell of activism from women formerly in the...

Do Your Homework: Get Toxic Chemicals Out Of Your Child's School Supplies!

August 19, 2010
You strive to make your home a healthy and safe environment for your children to grow up in. But what about the 8 hours they spend in school each day? Unfortunately, many school supplies are composed of the poison plastic: polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This plastic can contain a toxic stew of...
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Lets Move! For Safer School Siting

August 12, 2010
I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but I guess that’s what happens when you really care about something. Children are a vulnerable population. They eat more food, breathe more air, and drink more liquids per pound than adults. They are also more curious exploring the world around them in...
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Preventing Toxic Contamination by Getting Local

August 10, 2010
CNN’s Dr. Gupta is hosting a series on toxic chemical contamination around the country called Toxic America . This past Saturday, Dr. Gupta’s story focused on pregnancy and toxic chemicals by following a couple who had difficulty getting pregnant only to realize some troubling information. Women...
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How BP avatars show up in your life (Part 2)

August 6, 2010
Part 2 Privatizing profits and socializing costs. Businesses are adept at passing along the true costs of their pollution onto the rest of us. Parents and the health care system pick up a tab of $54.9 billion a year for four childhood disorders: lead poisoning, cancer, asthma, learning and...

How BP avatars show up in your life (Part 1)

August 6, 2010
Part 1 The BP Gulf oil catastrophe is not the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, contrary to news headlines. The hugeness of the blow-out captures our attention, but the worst pollution actually takes place here in our ordinary lives, in hardly noticed events that add up day after day...

The Climb Against Coal

July 22, 2010
We were moms on a mission. We woke up at midnight Saturday morning to attempt the 14,411 ft summit of Mount Rainier. We had a message for Governor Gregoire: close Washington’s largest toxic polluter and point source of deadly carbon — the TransAlta coal-fired power plant in Centralia.
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Toxic Personal Care Products Beware: Here comes The Story of Cosmetics, and the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

July 21, 2010
The launch of the Story of Cosmetics, and a chance for real regulatory action- what a day! Sometimes everything just comes together, you know? The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has been around since 2004, but it is safe to say that today is the most exciting day our coalition has known. Today the...

Kvetching About Sick Children

July 21, 2010
Why do we write about, talk about, meet about and in general complain about children’s chronic illnesses in the U.S. when statistics show that, year by year, we Americans are living to an ever riper old age? That’s a favorite gotcha question, intended to squash or at least minimize the impact of...