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Realistic & Fair Wages

Facts is Facts

June 21, 2013
I was reminded of the very many reasons I do this work at the 25th anniversary party of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research a few weeks ago – part briefing, part swanky catered wonk-fest, it was the best of both worlds. It’s easy to see that we need data on women and every aspect of their...
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Queering the Wage Gap

June 18, 2013
Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, but we are still fighting for equal pay for equal work for all. Right now the wage gap is kind of like the faces on US money… only white men earn full dollars. Everyone else is left with pocket change. The graphic above shows the average wage...
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"I don't wanna wait till I'm 48 for fair pay!"

June 17, 2013
That was the mantra my almost-4-year-old-daughter chanted over and over again last week when we went to Capitol Hill to deliver a message to Congress: 50 years ago the Equal Pay Act was passed but it’s not working. Women still earn, on average 77 to the dollar for the same work – it’s time to...
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77 Cents Makes a Grown Woman Holler!

June 10, 2013
Too many managers today still bring a 1950s mindset to the 21st century workplace. In the 50s and early 60s, shows like Leave it to Beaver taught Americans that “a woman’s place is in the home and I guess as long she’s in the home she might as well be in the kitchen.” Seriously, that comes straight...
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We love our members! MomsRising member Clara Paynter Speaks Out for Fair Pay on Capitol Hill

June 6, 2013
These remarks were delivered by MomsRising member Clara Paynter at this morning's press conference for fair pay on Capitol Hill. Clara shared the stage with Leader Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Congresswoman Rosa Delauro, and Congressman Joaquin Castro. We are so proud of you, Clara!...
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Hey @FoxNews!

June 4, 2013
They took it too far this time. Did you hear what the all male panel (yes, a n ALL male panel! ) on Fox News said about working moms?! " Society dissolv[ing] around us ," said Lou Dobbs . A sign of " something going terribly wrong in American society, " said Juan Williams . Erick Erickson chimed in...
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What to Give a Working Mother for Mother’s Day

May 12, 2013
After a long week at work, and the weekend filled with two soccer games, a dance recital and a birthday party, I’ll drive 75 minutes to visit my mother this Mother’s Day. There’s no time for breakfast in bed, a manicure/pedicure with friends or dinner and a movie. That’s okay; that’s not what this...
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A Head on Desk Moment: A MomsRising Blog Carnival on Equal Pay

April 9, 2013
I’m having a head/desk day. You know the kind; where you just want to bang your head on your desk because you’re so frustrated. Why? Because today is Equal Pay Day – the day that marks how far into 2013 women have to work to earn what men earned for the same work in 2012. And at the rate we're...
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I'm demanding Just Hours at Juicy!

March 26, 2013
My name is Duane Davis, and I’m a proud father of my beautiful five-year-old daughter. I worked at Juicy Couture’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City for almost four years in the stock department, filling Juicy’s shelves with $200 track suits. When I started, I got 40 hours a week and...
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The Never-Ending Student Loan for Mothers

November 28, 2012
As we find ourselves in the frenzy of holiday spending and gift giving, you may be surprised to know that the amount of student loan debt across the country actually exceeds the amount of credit card debt. It used to be that borrowing to buy a house or earn a college degree was called “good debt.”...
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