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Realistic & Fair Wages

TAKE ACTION: GM's Mary Barra and fair pay

February 7, 2014
Wouldn't be nice if all of the 72 million working women in America had journalists hunting down information to reveal if they were getting paid less than their male colleagues for the same work? Last night, the social media sphere exploded with news that GM’s first female CEO, Mary Barra , was...
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Anticipation: Snow Day and Fair Workplace Policies

February 5, 2014
What a difference a day makes! Tuesday, Jan. 28, was filled with joyful anticipation and dread as kids and parents in North Carolina prepared for the arrival of snow. Parents planned for daycare, food and stocked up on firewood and batteries, while children dreamed of snowmen, sledding and a...
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TAKE ACTION: Let’s talk about what women are paid

January 24, 2014
Want to make a difference? All it takes is a phone, an ear, and a few minutes. Today, American women are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar paid to men (with mothers and women of color experiencing increased wage hits). Nine out of ten American workers don’t have paid family leave (maternity...
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Janet Yellen: Leaning On to Lead – Part I

January 9, 2014
This week the Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as the first chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Board in its hundred-year history. Most reports about Yellen’s confirmation have taken note of her ascent through the glass ceiling, as well as her impact as a model for women and girls. I was most intrigued...
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Black Thursday, a.k.a. Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013
By Elizabeth Johnston and Liz Watson , National Women's Law Center Cross-posted from NWLC's blog For Walmart workers, this year Black Friday starts on Black Thursday, the day also known as Thanksgiving. Being open on Thanksgiving is actually nothing new for Walmart. What is new is that Black Friday...
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New Rule Brings Home Care Workers One Giant Step Closer to Fair Pay

September 17, 2013
By Liz Watson, Senior Counsel, National Women's Law Center Read more on our blog. Because of a new rule out today from the Department of Labor, home care workers will no longer be left out of the basic wage and hour protections guaranteed by the FLSA. Today’s rule extends wage and hour protections...
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This 50th Anniversary I’m Ready to Work

August 28, 2013
This afternoon I’m headed to the Lincoln Memorial for the 50th Anniversary celebration of the March on Washington. Today’s event is both a commemoration and call to action. Thousands are gathering to remember the 1963 March and to outline the remaining civil rights agenda. At times the 2013 civil...
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Celebrate Women's Equality Day - Support Equal Pay Today!

August 28, 2013
This post explores the many ways in which fairness in the workplace has yet to be attained. We continue to work toward justice and economic freedom for all women and families. ~MomsRising Ed. On this Women's Equality Day - the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote - I'm...
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Friday #FairPay Fun

August 16, 2013
I LOVE it when my campaign issues come up in pop culture - and this week has been a banner week for Fair Pay references. So I had to share! First there is this snippet from Conan O'Brien's August 15th show (find this image and more here ). And then the Internet gave us this amazing video: Did I...
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Equal Pay for Equal Work

July 11, 2013
Lucy Marsh has been a full professor at the University of Denver School of Law since 1982. She started teaching there in 1973. By all accounts, she is a well respected, talented professor, good at her job and involved in the community. By my account she is one of the few female professors I had...
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