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#HERvotes Jobs Blog Carnival: Women and Jobs are Central to US Economic Recovery

September 15, 2011
I was shocked and saddened when I saw the new poverty data from the U.S. Census that was released earlier this week. The Census data analysis revealed serious declines in women's economic status, including the highest poverty rates in 17 years for women, as well as the highest extreme poverty rates...
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Living on a prayer? Latinas need jobs and the ability to live with dignity

September 15, 2011
Economic security has been a major concern for everyone, but perhaps especially so for Latinas. Studies indicate that Latinas had an 11.4% unemployment rate in August 2011, compared to about 9% overall. And when they work, Latinas earn, on average, less than sixty cents for every dollar earned by a...

Top 5 Tips for Working and Breastfeeding

September 15, 2011
While the U.S. still has a long way to go to make employment breastfeeding-friendly for all babes, there has been some great progress recently, and more women are getting into the working and pumping groove. Who knows, some day soon, the water cooler may be eclipsed by the lactation lounge as the...

We Need Jobs and a Voice on the Job

September 15, 2011
When I was in high school and college, I worked in restaurants. I worked for minimum wage and I worked hard - cleaning, cooking, even counting money and making bank deposits. I remember my pay going from 3.35 an hour to 3.45 an hour when I made ‘head cashier’ - a job that carried a lot more...
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Rebounding from a “Mancession,” Remembering the Ladies

September 15, 2011
President Obama recently laid out his new “American Jobs Act” before Congress in the hope of revitalizing our economy, putting the willing to work and finally ending one of the Nation’s longest and worst recessions. With unemployment at a startling high--and making only marginal, if any,...

Nearly a Century After Suffrage, Women’s Voting Rights Under Attack in the States

August 26, 2011
It has been more than 90 years since women fought their way to suffrage. In that period of time, we’ve experienced the Year of the Woman – when a record number of women ran and/or won congressional races in 1992 – and voter turnout rates for women that have consistently exceeded voter turnout rates...

Beyond suffrage: How far have women come since?

August 26, 2011
By Eve Weinbaum and Rachel Roth Today we celebrate the anniversary of female suffrage, a victory that took more than 70 years of political struggle to achieve. After women won the right to vote in 1920, socialist feminist Crystal Eastman observed that suffrage was an important first step but that...
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Work-Life Balance? Forget It, Says Bloomberg Case Judge

August 25, 2011
At a time when work, workers and the workplace are “job one” for the struggling U.S. economy, it’s discouraging to find out that the nation just can’t get serious about taking half of its workforce seriously. The female half. I’m referring to Wednesday’s court decision in which U.S. District Judge...
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9to5 Day of Action in Support of Paid Sick Days

August 25, 2011
This past year, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern with 9to5 Atlanta as a Chapter and Helpline Organizer. I helped chapter staff reach out to members and organize events, and I also answered 9to5’s Job Survival Helpline. Hundreds of women called to ask about their rights in the workplace,...

Debt Negotiations Threaten the Nation’s Future

August 25, 2011
Save lives or save money for the rich? Feed hungry children or subsidize the oil and gas industry? Stop buying ineffective military equipment or stop paying for education and job training? These questions are at the heart of the debate over reducing the federal deficit. It’s time for Congress to...
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