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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act = Policy Win For All

May 2, 2022
More than forty years have passed since pregnancy discrimination became illegal, yet pregnant workers are not always receiving the accommodations needed to ensure their wellbeing. Over the last decade the PWFA has been introduced many times but only recently passed the House in May of 2021 and then...
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Navigating the formula shortage — April MOMentum's inside

May 2, 2022
Friends, it’s finally spring, and MOMentum is blooming all around, thanks to you.
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DOWNLOAD: People's Response Act One-Pager

April 27, 2022
Police violence has been a hot topic of conversation in America over the past couple of years. The pandemic has stripped away the distractions and forced us face the uncomfortable reality of police violence and lack of accountability in this country. MomsRising is committed to finding alternatives...
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Brand New Breaking Through Episode: Transformational Change in Motion - MOMibuster!

April 25, 2022
On the radio show this week, we hear about transformational change in motion to lower family costs and lift families, find out what’s happening in Congress and how your story makes a difference, hear about the Mother’s Day Weekend MOMibuster (!), and get the inside scoop on the importance of...
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¡Únete a MAMIbuster!

April 25, 2022
Se acerca el Día de la Madre, y después de más de dos años de estrés pandémico, vamos a celebrar nuestro día a lo GRANDE con un MAMIbuster! ¿Qué es MAMIbuster? ---> Durante ocho horas en el fin de semana del Día de la Madre, cientos de mamás, papás, padres, líderes y cuidadores de todo el país...
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Tell Congress: Pass COVID relief funding and end cruel Trump-era immigration policies!

April 15, 2022
We all want to be able to move past the collective trauma we have experienced over the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that access to vaccines, boosters, therapeutics, and tests are critical to combat the virus, keep schools and businesses open, ensure our continued economic...
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Help us turn the tables on Congress and MOMibuster THEM!

April 15, 2022
Instead of a tool that blocks the progress moms need, this MOMibuster will actually work for parents, sending the message that we want and need care policies that allow us to both support and care for our families – a care infrastructure that includes affordable child care, free pre-K, paid family and medical leave, home- and community-based services, quality maternal health care for all of us, prescription meds we can afford, a tax system that supports families instead of lining the pockets of wealthy corporations and billionaires, and more.
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Taking a Victory Lap! #SCOTUS!

April 15, 2022
On the radio show this week, we cover the nexus between culture and legislative change, we celebrate the victory of the new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson , hear about the importance of voting this year more than ever as we cover the power of the AAPI voting block, and get the...
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Maternal Mental Health Impacts Communities of Color More Yet Care is Harder to Find

April 14, 2022
Tina Sherman, Senior Campaign Director for Maternal Justice, discussed Black Maternal Mental Health with Lina Acosta Sandaal of Stop Parenting Alone on IG Live. They discussed how women in communities of color are particularly vulnerable maternal health disorders yet encounter more barriers to...
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You're invited to the Power+ Summit virtual event!

April 14, 2022
Come hear MomsRising CEO and Co-Founder Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner as she joins Roxane Gay, Dawn Staley, and other women leaders from across the country to accelerate change and move the needle on women’s equality at the Power+ Summit virtual event April 27-28, 2022. MomsRising supporters have special access to this important event.
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