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Parenting during a global pandemic: Don't be so hard on yourself and your feelings are valid

April 9, 2020
Are you trying to survive quarantine with kids? Has Parenting during COVID-19 driving you a little bit crazy? Do you feel like your kids are testing you every. minute. of. the. damn. day?
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Recursos para las familias del estado de Washington durante la pandemia de COVID-19

April 3, 2020
Estamos viviendo tiempos increíbles. Pero en medio del caos y de la incertidumbre de lo que tenemos por delante, lo mejor que podemos hacer es apoyarnos mutuamente. La pandemia de COVID-19 ha tenido un impacto desastroso para las familias de todo Washington, por lo que hemos creado una lista de...
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#SocialDistancing is impossible for people who are incarcerated

April 1, 2020
Our voices are making a difference, but we must keep the pressure on. Dozens of incarcerated people have already tested positive for COVID-19 across the nation. [1] Let's be clear: Prisons are unable to implement the CDC guidelines needed to flatten the cure and save lives. [2] We must have a plan...
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Take Action: Cuomo is using COVID-19 to roll back Cash Bail Reforms!

April 1, 2020
Too many families are forced to experience the inhumane realities of what it is to be incarcerated inside of a New York jail, especially one like Rikers Island, for no other reason than their inability to pay cash bail. The same was true for 16-year-old Kalief Browder who was tortured for over...
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Ways to Manage Young Children While Sheltering at Home

March 31, 2020
Parents of young children are probably the most tired and affected during this time of staying safe at home. Young children, unlike older children, do not have the ability to separate this time of sheltering at home from “normal time.” This is why a parent of a young child needs to be careful in...
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Let Them Play - Why Play-Based Learning During COVID-19 Works

March 26, 2020
When I heard a COVID-19 made homeschooler “pooh-pooh” the merits of educational play, I realized that we need to reassess the definition of play and build homeschooling programs, be they temporary or long-term that incorporate play as a means of achieving more effective learning.
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Recursos para COVID-19 de Carolina del Norte y formas de ayudar

March 26, 2020
Como mamá de dos adolescentes que se preocupa por la salud de mis padres y por el bienestar de mis hijos, me es difícil comprender lo que está pasando con esta pandemia. Me doy cuenta de que la epidemia de COVID-19 está empeorando el estrés y los problemas que ya enfrentaban muchas de nuestras...
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NC Resources during COVID-19 and Ways to Help

March 24, 2020
As a mom of two teens who is worried about the health of my parents and the well-being of my children, I struggle to wrap my head around this pandemic. I see how the COVID-19 epidemic is increasing the stress and exacerbating the challenges that many of our families were already dealing with before...
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Únete a nuestras Master Clases para Mamás

March 19, 2020
A pesar de que el coronavirus nos tiene a todos en cuarentena en casa, eso no significa que dejemos de estar conectadas las unas de las otras. Por eso, un grupo de mamás latinas de todo el país se han unido para compartir sus talentos y conocimiento en diferentes ramas. Por el resto del mes de...
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Is the social distancing life overwhelming you? Latina moms are here to save the day!

March 19, 2020
Last night, our Spanish speaking community, MamasConPoder, kicked off our MasterClasses for Moms series to beat the quarantine blues! (Check out the first class here ) This series is a work of love! They will offer an opportunity to check in with each other as they enjoy live workshops led by...
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