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People marching with signs along Washington DC street and trees with changing leaves around them.

Es hora de cumplir: Build Back Better Now

November 18, 2021
El martes, nos unimos a la marcha con Service Employees International Union (SEIU), trabajadores de cuidados y defensores que intensificaron su demanda para que el Congreso apruebe Build Back Better esta semana. El trabajo de cuidados abarca todas las etapas de la vida, desde el cuidado de los...
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Honra la historia indígena mientras olvidamos el pasado colonial de Estados Unidos

November 18, 2021
“En el momento de las invasiones europeas, los pueblos indígenas habían ocupado y dado forma a todas las partes de las Américas, establecido extensas redes comerciales y carreteras, y estaban sustentando a sus poblaciones adaptándose a entornos naturales específicos, pero también adaptaban la...
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Honor Native History While Unlearning America’s Colonial Past

November 15, 2021
November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to honor and celebrate the important contributions that Indigenous peoples have made to the United States. It is important to take time to reflect on the history of native peoples in America.
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Photo of MomsRising member Donna Price

"The fact is, we cannot wait any longer to strengthen America’s care infrastructure."

November 15, 2021
"As a nurse, my job is to care for people. I love what I do, and I work hard to care for my patients. Yet, when my own family needed me, I was forced to sacrifice our only income to support them." - Donna from Cleveland
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Brand New Breaking Through Episode: Building Back Better NOW!

November 10, 2021
With special guests Ai-jen Poo, Elizabeth Keenan, Monifa Bandele and Laura Guerra-Cardus.
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photo of a mother and father laying on a bed with a young baby

ICYMI: We are NEVER giving up

November 8, 2021
The past few weeks have been a pressure cooker of negotiations over the Infrastructure and Build Back Better Reconciliation bills. Here are a few posts that sum up the current situation. In case you missed it.
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"My goal is to help them survive, and that’s not just physical survival, it’s mental survival"

November 1, 2021
Kelle has always made a point to talk to her children frankly about the issues that will shape their lives.
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Recap of "Students, Safety, and Solutions: An Honest Conversation about Police Free Schools"

October 27, 2021
October is Juvenile Justice month and to kick off the month, the Youth and Family Justice team held a Facebook Live event to educate folks on the issues of police free schools and the school-to-prison pipeline. One our main objectives was to have a group of panelists who would bring a wide array of...
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Care Can't Wait Rally group photo in DC

ICYMI: Care Advocates, ASSEMBLE!!! "This is a moral reckoning." - Sen. Booker

October 25, 2021
Who came to the #CareCantWait rally? Click the headline to see!
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ICYMI: Absorbing Chaos

October 18, 2021
This past week the MomsRising universe cranked up the MOMentum for paid leave and child care. Check out how, plus join us (it's not too late) for a sweet celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day.
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