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Moving Forward Justice

December 22, 2020
As we close out the year we have some special guests on the radio show this week as we talk about how much emergency relief from Congress it will take to revive the U.S. economy. We also discuss the need to extend paid leave and sick days and uncover what's going with after school care and how to...
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DONATE NOW! Support Voter Outreach & More

December 10, 2020
Across the country, so many of us faced so many different hardships this past year. And, despite it all, and often against all odds, MomsRising supporters stepped up in so many ways to show that we are not alone-- and that together we are powerful! In fact, together we are... KAPOW! YAY! BAM! WOW!...
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#GivingTuesday: Share Your Joy AND Power!

December 1, 2020
What a week. What a year. What a moment in our nation’s history. What a time for you and your family. This has been a hard year. Thank you. You are a true superhero. Yes, you. You have done the impossible this year . Even though it’s a pandemic and you’re juggling more than seems possible each day...
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Getting Out The Vote, Passing Paid Leave: Your November MOMentum

November 30, 2020
November is always a busy month, full of planning and anticipation for the holidays -- and full of gratitude and awe for what we accomplished together. We have one word for November: WOW! Well, actually two more words: THANK YOU!!! We just moved mountains together getting out the vote! The stats...
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Together we can END the criminalization of kids in schools. Tell Congress to support the Counseling Not Criminalization Act!

November 20, 2020
Over the years we have all witnessed countless numbers of Black people killed at the hands of the police. Black people whose communities experience excessive policing and rampant police terror are too often left grappling with the devastating and traumatic impacts of having to see or hear about...
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Unprecedented numbers for October MOMentum!

October 31, 2020
Your October MOMentum was incredible. Your generosity helped us dream bigger and bigger, then blow through goal after goal for voter engagement. By the time November and Election Day rolled around, we reached MILLIONS of mom voters--see some of the historic numbers below. In keeping with MomsRising...
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Working with the Fires of Fear

October 5, 2020
What can we say about 2020 at this point? I find it difficult to choose words to capture the pain, anxiety, and losses that our human species has been facing. As a writer and lover of language, rarely have I been at a loss for words. This moment in time, The Great Pause, has forced us to stay--to...
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: October 2, 2020

October 2, 2020
What a week, friends. We hope you'll have some time to relax and recharge this weekend. We know this fall will continue to be a doozy, and it's always a good time for self-care. We're going to kick off this list of top-priority actions by once again inviting you to slow down for just a moment,...
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QUICK SIGNATURE: Divest in Policing, Invest in the People

September 30, 2020
Content warning: We discuss the police violence against Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Rayshard Brooks, Jacob Blake, Trayford Pellerin, Cornerlius Fredericks, Layleen Xtravaganza Polanco, Antonio Valenzuela , and Muhammad Muyamin below. MomsRising stands with the Movement for Black...
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Mourn. Rise. Change The World. Your September MOMentum

September 30, 2020
September has been a MONTH -- and in 2020, that’s saying something. With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the developments in Breonna Taylor’s family’s case, and the ongoing pandemic, our fight for justice has been relentless (more on that in the newsletter below). In...
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