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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: Friday, April 28, 2023

April 28, 2023
Quick signature: Thank Biden for his Executive Order to improve care! This week, the Biden/Harris administration issued a bold, transformative, and badly needed Executive Order to improve our nation’s care infrastructure. At a time when millions of families cannot access or afford the child care,...
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Take Action
a mom holds her child's face while they smile at each other

Quick signature: No barriers for food and health care!

April 21, 2023
Everyone should have access to food and health care. Period. But Republican leadership in Congress is demanding deep cuts to programs that would leave millions hungry and uninsured, and threatening to default on our national debt unless they get what they want: Cuts to programs that families and...
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Before you can lead others. You have to lead you.

Modeling Vulnerability and Rethinking Leadership

April 17, 2023
Before you can lead others. You have to lead you. If you are taking care of your own needs, listening to your own needs, leading yourself through your day and through your life with some stability, then you are able to actually lead (and parent) others. Whether that’s on a small scale with a couple...
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Cassandra Brooks of Little Believers Academy and Felicia Burnett of MomsRising

Thanking Senator Fetterman -- Your March MOMentum

April 10, 2023
As spring begins and Women’s History Month comes to a close, we’re celebrating MomsRising members like you and all of the kindness, love, optimism, much-needed change, and hope you put into the world each day.
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The Top 10 Policies Every Leader Should Support

We don’t co-parent with haters.

March 30, 2023
So that horrible, very bad, awful, terrible bill that provides a legislative framework for advancing book bans, censorship, and hate that we shared with you last week? IT PASSED THE REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED U.S. HOUSE!!! UUGGGHHHH! But hope isn’t lost. Now the bill is moving onto the U.S. Senate,...
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QUICK ACTION: The WA State Senate just released it's budget, now we have to act!

March 24, 2023
Spring is around the corner and it's the best time to turn over a new leaf. The Washington State Senate just released their proposed operating budget and right now is the time lawmakers need to hear from families about what investments we need to thrive.[1] Click here to send your Senator a quick...
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Community and Advocacy Building: 2022-2023 WA MomsForce Fellows Retreat and Lobby Day

March 24, 2023
Last week, the 2022-2023 Washington State MomsForce Fellows met for the first time in Olympia for their in-person retreat and to participate in our annual lobby day! Fellows connected in real life, filmed their capstone MomTalk projects, and bonded over their growth throughout the year-long...
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QUICK SIGNATURE: Tell Congress to REJECT the Politics Over Parents Bill

March 23, 2023
WHAT!? Instead of solutions to the very real crises families face each day, what we have right now is the Congressional Republican leadership launching yet another ATTACK. ON. PARENTS. And this time they’re actually calling their attack a “Parents Bill of Rights” – and they’re voting on it this...
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We Are MomsRising
artwork by MomsRising Beacon Leader Vanessa Vicario

MEET VANESSA: “Being a Beacon Helped Me Heal, Gain Confidence”

March 22, 2023
"Being a Beacon has been like a stepping stone for me. I felt ready, that I was good enough, and it inspired me." - Beacon Leader Vanessa Vicario
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Pennsylvania: Congrats Card to Speaker McClinton!

March 17, 2023
HISTORIC. Earlier this month Representative Joanna McClinton became the FIRST female majority leader and speaker of the PA House of Representatives. She's the second person of color to hold that role. OUR GIRLS ARE WATCHING! And we are too. Seeing a woman, and a woman of color, in this position reminds us all that our voices matter, our stories are important, and we can be leaders in building a stronger Pennsylvania.
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