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Lawmakers Must Fix Our Child Care System, Which Is Failing Families Like Mine

September 23, 2021
MomsRising super dad Nicholas Knight shared his family's child care story at the U.S. Treasury - giving voice to what so many families across our nation have experienced. Read his remarks and tell us your experiences with child care as we fight to ensure child care and pre-k for all becomes a reality.
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Strong Care Square onesie for Care Economy Storybook

Dear Congress: Need More Reasons to Build a Care Infrastructure NOW? Read This.

September 17, 2021
In our Care Economy Storybook 2021, MomsRising has captured powerful and moving stories from families across the nation about how hard it is to give care, and how our inadequate Care Infrastructure hurts families, businesses and our economy.
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ICYMI: A Message From Grandma in Florida

September 17, 2021
At MomsRising, we share stories to make change, to show lawmakers the real impacts of laws and policies. A push. And we share stories in solidarity with other women, moms and family members, so that we can feel less alone in our struggles. A release. The content that caught our eye this week features stories that push AND release. Scroll down and witness them, too.
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ICYMI: A Quiet Rage, Grandparent Heroes PLUS Native Women's Equal Pay Day

September 10, 2021
From child care to paid family leave to fair wages, the MomsRising community continued the steady, urgent call for the policy changes that American moms and families need. Check out the content that caught our eye this week, and as always...
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ICYMI: Fighting Back Against the Texas Abortion Ban, Back-to-School Actions, PLUS Members in the Press

September 3, 2021
Reactions and resolve in the wake of Texas' draconian six-week abortion ban. Back-to-school stress and solidarity. Members in the press urging action to fix the child care crisis. Whew! Busy week in the MomsRising universe. Catch up on the content you might have missed this past week...and Keep Rising!
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ICYMI: Back-to-School, Child Care Crisis Stories Needed; Plus a Quick Action for Black Breastfeeding Week

August 27, 2021
Got something to say about child care, or about sending your kids back-to-school amid COVID-19? Here's your chance! Check out these two opportunities, plus a few other picks that caught our eyes...and got your attention this week.
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Esperadas inversiones en nuestra infraestructura de asistencia un poco más cercanas con el apoyo de la Cámara de Representantes de EE. UU. a la reconciliación presupuestaria

August 25, 2021
DECLARACIÓN Declaración de Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, directora ejecutiva y CEO de MomsRising, una organización en línea y sobre el terreno de más de un millón de madres y familias, sobre la votación en la Cámara de Representantes de EE. UU. en apoyo al proyecto de ley de reconciliación: “Las mamás...
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ICYMI: Breastfeeding Beats, a Super Powerful Storybook and Back-to-School Exhaustion Already

August 20, 2021
Joy. Anxiety. Solidarity. Relief! There were a lot of emotions in the content that caught our eye this week. Check out these picks from the past few days...and keep rising!
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Tetris opener

ICYMI: Child Care Tetris Must End, Videos Needed, Stopping the DACA Roller Coaster

August 13, 2021
Here's what caught our eye this week in the MomsRising universe. Stay cool, and keep rising!
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Moms Got It Done This Year in the Washington Legislature

August 12, 2021
Last September, as wildfires ravaged the Pacific Northwest, my son George’s preschool was closed because it was unsafe to play outside. For what was already a very hard year for our kids—in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic—I had to explain to my son that this time it wasn’t the virus...
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