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It is the first anniversary of the murder of Kennan Anderson, who died at the hands of the LAPD. On January 3, 2023, Kennan was involved in a nonviolent traffic incident in which he flagged down police for help. Instead of helping, the police escalated the situation and treated Kennan as a criminal. Police chased Kennan and then held him face down on the asphalt while repeatedly tasing him. With each taser, Keenan received roughly 50,000-volt shocks to the body. These shocks sent Kennan into cardiac arrest and he later died at a local hospital. 

In the wake of this injustice, the involved LAPD officers have not been removed from the force or face criminal charges. These officers have faced little consequences and continue to patrol our communities. LA Mayor Karen Bass released a statement condemning the excessive use of police tactics but did not call for the removal of officers or stop the reappointment of LAPD Chief Micheal Moore. 

These actions remind us of the lack of police accountability that continues to permeate throughout America and the police violence that continues to target the lives of our Black and Brown communities. It is time for reform that fights systemic police abuse and imagines policing that protects all communities. 

The People’s Response Act is federal legislation, introduced by Representative Cori Bush, that emphasizes an inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approach to public safety. It adopts a new approach to public safety that will save lives, and build systems of care that are rooted in improving the well-being of all communities. This approach must be equitable, health-centered, and preventative to stop violence and harm before it occurs while ensuring that every community has what it needs to flourish.

The People’s Response Act provides the resources and assistance to scale up these efforts and truly transform public safety in the United States. It would reframe how we think about and respond to crises in this country with an approach that meets the demands and needs of our communities at this moment.

MomsRising is mobilizing to reimagine public safety and our overreliance on policing. We are collecting stories to share with elected and community leaders to address police violence. If you and or your loved ones have been impacted by police violence, click this LINK to share your story. Together we are powerful! 

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