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Programa de Defensa Contra el Hambre en Carolina del Norte

August 8, 2021
Estamos emocionadas en lanzar El Programa de Defensa Contra el Hambre de MomsRising/MamásconPoder en Carolina del Norte. Este es un programa de seis meses diseñado para fortalecer a una creciente red de defensores que han experimentado hambre y que pertenecen a las comunidades inmigrantes. Estos...
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photo of a typewriter with "review" typed on the paper

ICYMI: Breastfeeding Month, Paid Leave For All Bus Tour, Dutchess of Sussex, and Black Women's Equal Pay

August 6, 2021
Hello August! You're only 1 week old and we already have LOTS to look back on. Catch up on the news and actions you might have missed.
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Quick Ways to Support Women Reentering the Workforce (40x40)

August 4, 2021
When we got the news about the Duchess of Sussex turning 40 and celebrating with this 40x40 campaign we were thrilled! Mentoring and supporting women that are going back into the workforce? Don’t mind if we do!
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Take Action

There is no time to waste! Congress and the White House need to extend the #EvictionMoratorium Immediately.

August 2, 2021
Let’s make something clear here. Families are trying their best to weather this storm and shouldn’t have to pay the price of delayed relief funding and a pandemic that continues to impact our communities. Tell Congress and the White House to take immediate action to extend the federal eviction moratorium!
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ICYMI: Child Tax Credit Celebration, I Scream, PLUS Telling Better Stories

July 22, 2021
This week was a phenomenally powerful moment for American families. Check out the highlights!
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Harnessing the Power of Our Stories For Social Change

July 19, 2021
Recently, I hosted a workshop for advocates to learn best practices for using the power of your voice and your experiences through storytelling to shift narratives and advocate for policies and systems changes. I invite you to watch the workshop below and to share it with fellow advocates as a resource.
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Pregnant mothers in immigration detention need care

July 19, 2021
From January 2015 to July 2019, 58 pregnant women had miscarriages while in ICE custody.
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Shereese at a Press Event Speaking on the CTC

Washington State is Spreading the Word on the Child Tax Credit

July 19, 2021
Are you aware of the Child Tax Credit that launched on July 15th? Here in Washington State, we’ve spent a large portion of the summer partnering with our lawmakers and coalition partners to spread the word about this historic benefit and share the Child Tax Credit’s impact - as well as the need to...
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ICYMI: Postcards & Ice Cream, Child Tax Credit Checks Begin, Plus a Powerful Paid Leave Opinion

July 16, 2021
Here's what caught our eye this week in the MomsRising universe. Stay cool, and keep rising!
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Got COVID-19 Vaccine Questions?

Got COVID-19 vaccine questions? We’ve got answers!

July 12, 2021
Exciting news! Dr. Anthony Fauci recently joined us to answer MamásConPoder / MomsRising member questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and we need your help to spread the word.
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