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The Judgment

September 30, 2023
Lately, when I am feeling judged and angry, I go outside and look at the sky or stand in nature. I contemplate the earth, sit or walk and watch the plants grow. I take Sam to the playground and watch him run. I feel grateful for Sam. I then think about the world as greater than self and wonder why...
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MomsRising Pittsburgh fellows gather for self-care

September Member Recap: Dedicated Moms at the Heart of Community Change

September 28, 2023
Their mission was clear: to amplify the voices of moms and families, driving positive change in their communities and beyond.
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What I know now......

September 24, 2023
Being a parent, a Mom, is always something I wanted to be. I wanted to have two kids named Zachary and Jasmine (Jazzy). I wanted to be married to a great husband and I wanted to work in a museum. I have received both the great husband (Jason, I love you) and I worked and volunteered for the Boston...
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The Senses

September 23, 2023
It’s 8:45 am and our son Sam and I are at the Hannaford Supermarket. It's Sunday and we are trying to get in and out before the crowds of people. The lights are bright in the store and the smell of cooking muffins fills the air. Our son is wearing PJ pants because we compromised that he could wear...
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woman giving peace signs

What a Dazzling Display of August MOMentum!

September 6, 2023
Grab your sunglasses because your August MOMentum was brilliant!
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Freedom's Your July MOMentum

July 31, 2023
Big thanks to YOUR support, we cheered this month as the recently passed Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act went into effect. This momentous national legislation helps ensure pregnant people can support their families without a sacrifice of health and wellbeing.
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This Mama Shares How MomsRising Empowered Her to Become an Advocate

July 19, 2023
To-wen is a mom and journalist based in California. She has been a MomsRIsing member for a decade! Through the years, To-wen has participated in a number of MomsRising actions and was part of MomsRising's inaugural RISERS cohort in 2021-2022. We asked To-wen to share a bit about how her advocacy...
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MomsRising Goes to Netroots Nation 2023

July 19, 2023
In case you missed us, MomsRising Staff spent a few days in Chicago connecting with other activists, speaking on panels, and digging deeper in to the work that we do.
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Story Shapers logo - Diverse Books for All Parent Ambassadors program

The Story Shapers National Parent Cohort

July 4, 2023
At such a critical time around the country for diverse books and the increase in book bans, we have been empowering families and caregivers to advocate in partnership with the Diverse Books for All coalition. States like Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and more have experienced active removal of...
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VP Kamala Harris, MomsRising Xochitl Oseguera, and entrepreneur Cristy Solis

Rise, resist and WIN! Your June MOMentum

July 3, 2023
Together we marched for reproductive freedom, shed light on the challenges families face with child care, won expanded health care coverage, explored the dark history of the second amendment, celebrated immigrant mothers, united in support of LGBTQ families with PRIDE, and more!
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