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A Wish for the Holidays

November 9, 2011
Do you have a wish for this holiday season? I do. I wish that all families can stay together. That’s why I’m participating in A Wish for the Holidays, a campaign to gather 5,000 letters from kids asking our nation’s leaders to ensure that families stay together. For me, holidays all boil down to...
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Frightening Children in Alabama

October 17, 2011
I do not understand deliberate cruelty. I understand it exists. I understand that those who practice it can often justify it as excusable and even noble. But cruelty to a child? This is beyond all understanding.
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Bernard’s Story: Moms are Vital in the Fight for Family Unity

October 14, 2011
The strength of motherhood has struck me whenever I’ve encountered the stories of young people being threatened with deportation to countries they no longer know - their mothers and the mothers in their communities are among the most powerful advocates in keeping families together. Several years...
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Governor Brown Signs AB 131 California Dream

October 10, 2011
On October 8, in response to Governor Jerry Brown's signing of AB 131 (Cedillo), the second half of the California DREAM Act, the California Immigrant Policy Center issued the following statement: We heartily applaud Governor Brown's historic decision to sign AB 131. We agree with the Governor that...
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Alabama's new law and the impact on immigrant families

October 4, 2011
Fifty years ago, Alabama found itself at the center of a national battle for justice and civil rights. The bus boycotts, freedom rides and efforts to integrate schools and universities are widely looked upon as watershed moments in the march towards equality. The history books tell us that progress...
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Human and Civil Rights Violations in the Name of Immigration Law Enforcement

September 27, 2011
Cross-posted from my blog, . The grave consequences of not protecting the human and civil rights of immigrants, including those without papers, has weighed heavily on my mind lately. Our organization, MomsRising , is part of a delegation of women in Georgia, shedding light on an...
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If Eleanor Roosevelt were going to Georgia…

September 27, 2011
As part of the We Belong Together delegation, I am going to Georgia to try to channel Eleanor Roosevelt. This is a tall order, but if there is ever a moment when her wisdom, passion and commitment was needed, this is it. A pioneer for human rights in her time, Eleanor was a principal drafter of the...

My Story-Our Story

September 27, 2011
As an immigrant, a woman, a social worker and a professor who teaches about the immigrant experience in the United States, I feel very connected to other immigrants throughout this country on many levels. Restrictive immigration policies such as HB 87 in Georgia, HB 497 in Utah, SB1070 in Arizona...

This is not what I was taught the American Dream was.

September 27, 2011
“This is not what I was taught the American Dream was. The American Dream in my eyes is everyone having equal rights…. I just want to let America know that this is not fair, what they’re doing to us is not fair, because my dad was stopped for no reason. I don’t think that wearing landscaper clothes...

Georgia’s New Anti-Immigrant Law – Writings from the Women’s Delegation Traveling to Atlanta to Expose Human Rights Violations

September 27, 2011
Welcome to the MomsRising blog-a-thon developed by the delegation of women leaders traveling to Georgia this week as part of a growing national resistance to anti-immigrant laws. The We Belong Together Delegation will hear, and then share, the stories of women and children affected by Georgia’s...
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