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Why I am going to Georgia

September 27, 2011
I am going to Georgia for the purpose of making the invisible visible. In the spring of 1960 while a college student, I read about African American students in the South sitting in because they were unable to be served at lunch-counters of national chain stores. I was shocked! I had believed my...
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Georgia on My Mind

September 27, 2011
Since the execution of Troy Davis, whose shattering story activated thousands of people across the country to speak out against a flawed justice system and the brutality of capital punishment, Georgia has been on my mind. I was born there, in a small town outside of Atlanta called Austell, and...

I am going to Georgia to stand up for America and our children’s future.

September 27, 2011
There’s a myth out there that immigration is complex—even controversial. But the truth is that the issue of immigration may be the simplest and clearest thing that binds us all together. With the exception of our Native American brothers and sisters who were here long before any of us came and who...
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No Human Being Is Illegal

September 27, 2011
“No Human Being Is Illegal”: This is a phrase I’ve seen emblazoned on t-shirts and bumper stickers. It is a response to the vitriolic anti-immigrant sentiment that labels those without official papers as “illegal.” Over the past decade the political debate about immigration has heated up as money...

I'll Be Bringing the Kleenex to the Women's Delegation in Georgia

September 21, 2011
It’s coming right up. And I’m trying to remember to pack some Kleenex. In response to Georgia’s new anti-immigrant law, on September 28 and 29th I will be representing MomsRising on a delegation of women's organizations traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, to bear witness to the law’s effect on women,...
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Two More Victories against Inhumane Treatment of Imprisoned Women

August 19, 2011
In April, I wrote about an important federal court decision holding the Nashville Sheriff’s Office accountable for violating a woman’s rights by shackling her during labor and then denying her access to a breast pump when she was taken back to jail after giving birth. Today, The Tennessean reports...
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First-Ever Senate Hearing On the DREAM Act:Voices for Utah Children Urges Passage of DREAM

June 28, 2011
Voices for Utah Children applauded news that Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) will chair the first-ever Senate hearing on the DREAM Act on Tuesday, June 28th, at 10:00 am ET . The hearing will be webcast live at . Since the DREAM Act was originally...
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Federal Court Condemns Shackling, Vindicates Woman

April 28, 2011
A new federal court decision adds weight to the campaign to end the shackling of pregnant women.
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International Women’s Day: Miles to Walk, in the US and Across the Seas

March 8, 2011
2011 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day – a day for the celebration of women worldwide. In 25 nations (including China, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zambia), the day has become a national holiday, a time not only to cheer for women's advances, but also to reflect...

Injustice dismantled: Welcome to a new world aborning

February 26, 2011
Fair-minded folks breathed sighs of relief and gratitude when President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the shamefully discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will not be defended by the U.S. Department of Justice. At last, the Department of Justice lives up to...