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In a few hours I will be joining a cohort of my hermanas, Latina bloggers at a meeting at the White House.  Some of these women I have had the honor and priviledge to know and work with for years.  A few I am even working with at present on the deployment of the Latino Voice survey to make sure the Latino voice is heard and counted, especially during this very important election year.  And yet others I look forward to meeting for the first time in person tomorrow.

As I mentioned in the Game Changers interview last week, there are several issues of import to the Latino community that are top of mind in the blogosphere and social media including topics like the economy, health care, education and immigration.  I am hopeful for a robust discussion on Monday that will touch on these topics and more.  This event has been organized in partnership with LATISM, the national Latino organization that I helped to form in 2009- 2010.   As a founding board member of LATISM, I must say that it is exciting to see it continue to grow and work to make a difference on behalf of the Latino community.  The only thing that I can think of being more exciting is seeing one of these Latinas in the White House or in another type of elected office in the years to come.  I look forward to sharing further news after Monday's meeting.

The other ladies that have been invited to participate in the briefing include:

Mirna Arce
Rachel Armas
Veronica Arreola
Caryn Bailey
Elisa Batista
Jeannette Kaplun
Elizabeth Cerezo
Jessie Nuez
Brenda Cisneros-Dewong
Yvonne Condes //
Janice Correa
Marta Maria Darby
Luciana Gabriela Davidzon de Scher
Laura de Ona
Julie Diaz Asper
Melanie Edwards
Ana L. Flores
Monique Frausto
Teresa Garza
Dariela Cruz-Gillespie
Carolyn Gonzalez
Maura Hernandez
Eugenia Hurtado
Jennifer Hutcheson
Denisse Icaza
Nadia Jones
Roraima Lassanske
Tracy Lopez
Yolanda Machado
Adriana Maestas //
Yvette Marquez
Silvia Martinez
Yolanda Mason
Ruby Wright
Blanca Stella Mejia
Melyssa Mendoza
Raquel Negrón
Monica Olivera
Carmen Ordoñez
Monica Vila
Maegan Ortiz
Helena Osorio-Zavala
Maria Jose Ovalle
Chantilly Patiño
Angelica Perez
Mariana Perez
Carolina Pichardo
Lynn Ponder
Nicole Presley
Jeannette Quiñones
Lisa Quinones Fontanez
Flor de Maria Rivera
Migdalia Rivera
Vianney Rodriguez
Roxana Soto Romero
Ericka Sanchez
Mercedes Sanchez
Dania Santana Henriquez
Alejandra Suarez
Eliana Tardio Hurtado
Laura Tellado
Laura Termini
Maybelline Valenti
Carrie Ferguson Weir
Ruby Wright

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