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Why the Maryland DREAM Act is a Boost to Local Economy, Country

December 11, 2012
The 2012 elections were historic for many reasons. One of the most significant, yet unheralded, achievements was the passage on the ballot of the Maryland Dream Act, which enables children to qualify for in-state college tuition regardless of their immigration status. The Maryland Dream Act will...
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My Story- Escaping Genocide Was the First Step

December 11, 2012
My name is Lundy Khoy and I came with my parents, Sinath Khoy and Rasy Monh, to the United States on November 12, 1981. I was one year old. My entire family migrated to the United States after escaping the awful Pol Pot genocide in which over 2 million Cambodians were murdered. They found shelter...
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Children Have Suffered the Consequences of Our Immigration Policies

December 10, 2012
Tearing families apart isn't in anyone's interest. We all know that. But according to a recent report by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), more than 46,000 parents of U.S. citizen children were removed from the U.S. between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2011. During the same period, ICE sought...
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On Human Rights Day, Sharing the Wisdom of Frederick Douglass

December 10, 2012
In an 1869 speech in Boston, abolitionist Frederick Douglass challenged most social observers and politicians by advocating the acceptance of Chinese and Japanese immigrants into the United States. He said: There are such things in the world as human rights. They rest upon no conventional...
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Why We All Have a Stake in Comprehensive Immigration Reform

December 10, 2012
I'm reading Junot Diaz's new book and my head is swimming with images of Ana Iris, a Dominican mother of three who hasn't seen her children in seven years. In order to feed them, she's come to New York and works two jobs, one laundering bloody hospital sheets and the other filleting fish. Even...
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Keep Families Together - Fix Our Immigration System Now

December 10, 2012
Maria Bolaños, a Salvadoran woman in Hyattsville, Maryland, called the police out of fear that her partner was going to hurt her. But instead of being protected by the police, she got turned over to immigration. She said, “I feel like I made a mistake calling the police when I was afraid, and worry...
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United to Keep Our Families Together

December 10, 2012
Since the election the headlines have been all about immigration reform and the urgency for Congress to finally get serious about it. As someone who works on immigration policy, I’ve been excited about the momentum that is building. But more importantly, as an advocate for children and as a...
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Let’s Stop the Madness of Separating Families

December 10, 2012
I have lived in the United States for 30 years, but I have never forgotten my humble beginnings as an undocumented immigrant. My family and I lived our first years in the US with the fear of being sent back to El Salvador. “La Migra” was a consistent threat in our lives. My personal experience as...
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Now is Our Chance to Help Keep Immigrant Families Together

December 10, 2012
What would you do if you found out your daughter had a life-threatening illness -- and you had no way to pay for the treatment? 

Would you pack up everything, cross a border, and move to a new country, if it meant the chance to work and earn enough to save her life? 

I’m a mother and I would. In...
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New Electoral Reality Makes Our Community a Target of a Different Kind

December 10, 2012
I wrote this piece for the Harvard Kennedy School newspaper , where I am a mid-career MPA student. Last year I took a break from community organizing after a heartbreaking loss of the DREAM Act in 2010. As I take this year to read and reflect, I can feel myself pulled back into the fight,...
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