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Immigration Reform Picture Not Complete Unless It Includes the Face of Women

December 10, 2012
“Many people cross to seek riches, a truck, a new house, but mothers need to be with their children out of necessity. I am only crossing to see my daughter again, nothing more.” – Maria President Obama recently announced that immigration reform will be a top priority in his second term. As...
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Sacrifice at Sea

December 10, 2012
When I was 12, my cousins arrived to this country for the first time from Vietnam. They were all my age, 12 and 13, and they were sent by their parents to pave the way for the rest of their family to come. What that means is that they were given the responsibility of obtaining an education, getting...
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When I Cast My Ballot on Election Day, I Voted for Human Rights

December 10, 2012
( Photo Credit : Amnesty International USA) As the challenges facing human rights progress are vast, it is crucially important to acknowledge victories that bring us closer to a world where human rights are a reality for all. The passage of the Maryland Dream Act manifested our belief that...
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A Hope for DREAM

December 10, 2012
Child advocates have fought for years against the deportation of promising undocumented students. A bill in Congress to recognize them has failed before, but new action on the Hill gives us hope. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, or DREAM, Act is a bill to protect from...
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South Asians Say It Loud: Fix the Immigration System Now

December 10, 2012
Like so many others in the United States, I am a product of the American immigration system. I was twelve when my mother and brother took a long plane ride from Kerala (India) to Kentucky to join my father. We had been separated for a year from him as he navigated the Immigration and Naturalization...
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The POWER Act: Protecting the Most Vulnerable from Corporate Exploitation

December 10, 2012
Immigrant workers across this country face a distinct threat: unscrupulous employers intimidate or retaliate against them if they complain about illegal working conditions. Employers actually have an incentive to recruit foreign workers because they can exploit this vulnerability to underpay and...
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Still Waiting for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Civil and Human Rights Activists Organize to Fight Anti-Immigrant State Laws

December 10, 2012
There is renewed hope that comprehensive immigration reform will now be possible in Washington, D.C., following the November election that saw Latino and Asian American voters turning out in record numbers. The failure to pass comprehensive reform at the federal level has been a major...
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Immigrant Integration Means Health, Dignity, and Justice for Immigrant Latinas and Communities

December 10, 2012
It is an understatement to say our current immigration policies and practices hinder, instead of promote, immigrant integration. Aggressive enforcement practices tear families apart and undermine the safety of our communities. Our government’s failure to establish a path to citizenship perpetuates...
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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Include Border Security

December 10, 2012
The Republican Party has to face the changing demographics and needs to do a better job of reaching out to minorities. As Republicans we don’t have to change our philosophy, we just need to have a message that appeals to those minorities and have a better way of delivering that message without the...
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The Fallout of Separating Immigrant Mothers From Their Children

December 10, 2012
Esther has lived through a parent’s worst nightmare, and meeting her several months ago at a shelter for women’s migrants in Tijuana was both devastating and inspiring. She was one of seven women who offered to share their stories with a visiting delegation of women leaders who had traveled across...
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