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Calling Young Artists! National Contest to Raise Awareness About Poverty

June 16, 2014
With the swipe of a paintbrush or click of a camera, your child can make a difference in the fight to end poverty. Not only that, they have the chance to win exciting prizes, and have their artwork showcased in a national campaign. As part of our mission to build the political and public will to...
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Take Action!

Tell CA Lawmakers to Protect Children's Health

June 4, 2014
So close.... California legislators are nearly finished with developing the state budget. And right now most final decisions are in the hands of the few legislators on the budget conference committee. As a constituent, you have an especially powerful voice in determining whether critical health...
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An Unfortunate, But Extremely Important Fact About Cancer

June 3, 2014
Cancer is a brutal disease, not only physically but also financially. Eleven percent of all cancer patients cannot afford food and basic necessities due to treatment costs, and nearly one in four people with cancer will exhaust all savings as a result of treatment costs. This includes those with...
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Five Things to Know About Obamacare for LGBTQ Families

June 2, 2014
The Afforable Care Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare"), which became law in 2010, is in it's final swing of implementation. The first open enrollment period has come and gone and—as with any big piece of legislation—people across the country are still figuring out just what changes to expect from it. Here are five things LGBTQ families should know about the new law:
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Why did my prescription cost go up?

May 27, 2014
If you've experienced a change in your prescription drug coverage--don't worry. This happened to me recently and I may be able to help you figure out why this is happening and what you can do about it.
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ACA's Next Phase Can Continue to Benefit from CHIP's Best Practices

May 22, 2014
The open enrollment period for Marketplace coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has ended and supporters of the legislation are finished celebrating the accomplishment of exceeding enrollment goals despite a rocky start. Nonetheless, this continues to be an important time for ACA outreach and enrollment efforts.
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If your boss disapproves of birth control, Can he take it out of your health coverage?

May 21, 2014
OMG: The Supreme Court is about to decide whether your boss can strip birth control out of your health coverage simply because he disapproves of it. In her latest blog series, One Mom's Career In Sex Law, Roberta Riley sheds light on this troubling new affront directed against American women.
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Thriving After Transitioning to a Third Metric Life

May 20, 2014
I recently finished reading Arianna Huffington’s latest book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder , and I have three words to describe it: It’s. About. Time. Anyone who has a job that requires constant connectivity can identify with...
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Nat'l Women's Health Week

Leaning In or Falling Over?

May 16, 2014
I'm a mom, a stay-at-home mom, with ADD.
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“It Blows My Mind that I Have to Sign a Law”: Massachusetts becomes 21st State with a Law Against Shackling Pregnant Women

May 16, 2014
After signing a bill to outlaw the shackling of women in labor, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told the packed room, “It blows my mind that I have to sign a law for that.”
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