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Getting Your Grown Kid to Sign up for Health Insurance

August 8, 2014
Health insurance isn’t always first on a young adult’s mind. But money often is. So parents, what happens when you explain to your grown kid that having health coverage can be key to protecting their purchasing power, in addition to health? Many listen and enroll.
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Pregnant Police Officer in Florence, KY Pushed Off the Job Due to City Policy

August 5, 2014
Office Lyndi Trischler is pregnant, lives with her one-year old daughter, and will soon have to move out of an apartment she can no longer afford because she’s been pushed out of her job. This is all because her employer, the City of Florence, Kentucky, will not permit any City employees to work with medical restrictions, unless they have been injured on-the-job.
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Quick signature! Texas needs to treat pregnant women better

August 4, 2014
Imagine losing your baby because no one would respond to your cries of help when you went into labor. Nicole Guerrero was pregnant, having contractions, and left in a Texas county jail cell to fend for herself. She was denied medical care, and tragically her baby died. MomsRising is calling on Texans to speak out against this horrifying story. Please add your name to the petition!
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Strengthening Families’ Health with WIC Breastfeeding Support

August 4, 2014
Despite being an age-old practice, some might say that breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally for every mother. Moms could benefit from hearing first-hand, personal experiences and advice from a trained breastfeeding peer counselor.
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Are Times a-Changin' in Your Life? Get Covered.

August 4, 2014
Life is hectic—whether it’s moving into your first home, getting a new job, or starting a family—our lives are constantly in flux, and the last thing anyone wants to worry about is being uninsured. The good news is that folks may have options to get health coverage during those "big" life moments.
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Not just one mother's battle

August 2, 2014
Today's is the first day of 2014 World Breastfeeding Week. Just earlier this year, Iowa Public Radio broadcasted a remarkable story about Linda Eaton. Eaton was an Iowa City Firefighter. Thirty-five years ago, she continued to breastfeed her child at work against orders from her supervisor, and a breastfeeding discussion was launched locally and gained national attention.
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Are Texas Jails Safe for Pregnant Women? (Updated)

July 30, 2014
What’s going on in Texas? Jails in the state are endangering pregnant women and their fetuses, despite the state’s professed interest in “unborn babies.” In May, a woman named Nicole Guerrero filed a lawsuit against the Wichita County Jail for ignoring her when she was in labor. Locked alone in a...
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Even Republicans like their ACA plans!

July 28, 2014
Even Republicans like their Affordable Care Act plans! A recent poll by The Commonwealth Fund showed that overall, 78% of Americans who signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act are satisfied with their coverage. Even 74% of the Republicans who signed up say they are satisfied with their...
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NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?

July 28, 2014
People are outraged over the news that the NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?
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Dear Sears and Walmart: About Your Breastfeeding Faux Pas, A New Pilot Project Could Save You (And Other Businesses) Millions

July 23, 2014
We all watched with shaking heads this week as a Sears security employee posted screen shots of breastfeeding mothers that he captured from Sears security cameras. The twitterverse unleashed its fury, citing the obvious concern about violating the privacy of these unsuspecting mothers and the obvious stupidity of an employee who should know better.
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