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Has “Breast is Best” Jumped the Shark?

January 22, 2014
I’m a working mother of two small children, and I’ve breastfed them both. In fact, I’m currently somewhere in the middle of breastfeeding my second child, who has cut some teeth recently and knows how to use them, so we’ll see how much longer this continues. And it’s been interesting, being alive...
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Breast milk on the go

January 17, 2014
My job requires frequent traveling. As a journalist, I've been reporting from places such as quake-stricken Haiti, war-torn Mexico, and typhoon-damaged Taiwan. These are challenging works. The biggest challenge, though, is collecting and transporting breast milk while traveling. After all, I'm more...
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TAKE ACTION: Senator Rubio accepts 10,000 dollar subsidy

January 9, 2014
Guess which famous Floridian recently signed up for a health insurance plan through Obamacare? Marco Rubio! Shocked? Me too! It's hard to believe that Rubio, a staunch opponent of the new healthcare law, not only signed up for health coverage through the federal marketplace, but also accepted a $10...
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MomsRising at the White House

January 6, 2014
This post originally appeared on the Go Ask Mom blog. The week before Christmas, I had the incredible opportunity of being invited to the White House to speak with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama about the Affordable Care Act and share how it's impacted my life and my son's life. I...
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One of 2013’s best kept secrets in breastfeeding

January 3, 2014
Massachusetts hospitals banned formula company discharge bags Last year, we saw important advancements in creating the cultural shift needed for families to establish and maintain breastfeeding. In 2013, there was greater visibility of the “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” law and a spotlight on...
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Telling the President my story

December 31, 2013
Believe it or not, earlier this month I had the incredible opportunity to introduce President Barack Obama at the White House for an event to bring awareness the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The event was one of many in a three-week campaign to refocus our national conversation on...
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How to pump at work like a supermodel

December 23, 2013
(c) Gisele Bündchen Instagram There has been lots of discussion about supermodel Gisele's breastfeeding photo. I'm thrilled that she is nursing her 1-year-old. I also envy her for being lucky to have such understanding colleagues that she could multi-task like that. For many mothers, it's not...
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#Radio This Week! -- Our Economy, Our Families, Our Congress, And Our Nation

December 23, 2013
This show starts out getting the inside scoop on the labor movement America, then we jump to hearing about the big conflict in Congress over unemployment insurance. Will 1.3 million people get left out in the cold? From there we move to explore the growing inequality in our nation and what you can...
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TAKE ACTION: Just 3 days left for health coverage that begins January 1st!

December 20, 2013
Here at MomsRising, we are counting down the days until health coverage begins for millions of uninsured Americans in the new year! There are just 3 days left to enroll for those who want their plan to begin on January 1st. You must enroll in coverage by December 23rd to be covered on January 1st...
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Teens who #GetCovered = Bright Futures

December 10, 2013
“You know what a broken finger looks like, right?” Not words any parent wants to hear, but especially not from this kid. A broken finger could be a true disaster. Ben (not his real name) started hanging around the house a couple of years ago, when he made friends with my son at a gaming event. He...
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