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September 23, 2019
Statement “Today serves as a shameful reminder that Native women continue to be shortchanged on their paychecks. In the United States today, Native women are paid just 58 cents on average for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. This gap is even more extreme for Native moms, who are paid just 48 cents on the dollar compared to white dads. Native women should not have to work nearly 21 months to be paid what white men are paid in 12. These gaps are disgraceful and unjustifiable, and they harm Native families, communities and our nation’s economy. They must end.”
September 19, 2019
Statement “President Trump demonstrated contempt for the health and safety of America’s workers by nominating Eugene Scalia to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor. Confirming Scalia would be akin to positioning a fox to guard a henhouse. Scalia’s life’s work has been to undermine the U.S. Department of Labor’s mission to ‘foster, promote, and develop the wellbeing of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.’
September 12, 2019
Statement “It is absolutely disgraceful that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will no longer require large companies to report employee wages broken down by gender and race. Gathering this data is essential to understanding and closing the gender- and race-based wage gap that is harming women – and especially women of color, moms, and moms of color – and punishing families in this country.
September 11, 2019
Statement “President Trump’s relentless sabotage and all-out assaults on our health care are taking a terrible toll, with Census data released this week showing that 1.9 million fewer Americans had health insurance coverage in 2018 than the year before. That translates into more families going without the care, medication and treatment they need. The situation could get even worse if Republicans prevail in Texas v.
September 10, 2019
Statement Thank you, Chairman Lee and Vice Chairwoman Maloney, and members of the Joint Economic Committee for the opportunity to testify at this important hearing on "Making It More Affordable to Raise a Family." I want to commend you for holding this hearing today because these issues are shaping our future, our country’s future, and the futures of generations to come.
August 29, 2019
Statement “Sunday marks a milestone in the quest to make North Carolina families more successful and economically secure, to improve our state’s economy, and to reduce gender-based bias in our state. Thanks to the executive order Gov. Cooper issued in May, beginning on Sunday employees of any state department, agency, board or commission under the Governor’s oversight will be eligible for eight weeks of paid parental leave after giving birth.
August 22, 2019
Statement “The extreme pay gap Black women in this country continue to face is shameful and damaging. In the United States today, Black women are paid just 61 cents on average for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. Over a 40-year career, this punitive gap adds up to more than $946,000 in lost wages - and the gaps are even worse for Black moms, making just 54 cents for every dollar paid to white fathers.
August 21, 2019
Statement “Questioning the loyalty of Jewish Americans based on how they choose to vote is ugly, divisive, and deeply offensive to a community that, for generations, has been victimized by baseless, unfair, dangerous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Yesterday’s comments were yet another instance of President Trump disgracing the office he holds and letting the nation down.
August 21, 2019
Statement “President Trump’s long-expected attempt to end the Flores agreement, which protects the basic human rights of migrant children, must be blocked. Announced this morning, the proposed regulation would wipe out the 20-day limit on jailing migrant children, allowing the Trump administration to detain them in dangerous, inhumane conditions indefinitely. It must never take effect.
August 20, 2019
Statement “The New York City Police Department took a step forward yesterday by finally firing Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who murdered Eric Garner more than five years ago by using an illegal chokehold and then ignoring Garner’s repeated pleas for help. But the 11 other police officers who were on the scene or supervising share responsibility for Garner’s murder. Some of them stood by while Pantaleo choked Garner to death or lied to help cover up this crime – and none has been charged or even disciplined by the police department.