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Remembering Micah's Smiles: How one mama has learned to live after kissing her 11 month old baby goodbye

December 27, 2013
When I married my best friend, Noah, we were young, healthy, and so excited to start a family together. We expected our family building journey to be simple. But, we struggled with infertility. Three years later, our miracle babies found us. We were ecstatic to have twin boys on the way. We named...
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Jesús Huerta's Mom Deserves An Answer

December 23, 2013
“Durham should be a harm-free zone. Durham should be a safe place for all children.” So said Durham mom Omisade Burney-Scott to CBS-affiliate WRAL in response to the death of a teenager, Jesús Huerta, who was shot and killed while sitting in the back of a police car on November 19th. Jesús’s family...
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The Short Game: Taking the "Work" out of "Working Together"

December 20, 2013
Two nights ago, I hosted a gathering for my new ebook, Lean On and Lead, Mothering and Work in the 21st Century Economy . The event was an opportunity to experience the interactive nature of my project as well as to meet Hawaii's Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, a candidate for US Senate , who is...
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Balancing the Raven and Eagle

November 25, 2013
Native American, First People, Alaska Native, Tlingit. All of these words describe me, and none of them describe me. I am a tribal councilwoman, a mother, a daughter, a modern Native woman. I am a fighter, defender, and advocate for my people. As a Native woman, life for me is about balance just...
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Native American Month Family Story: My Mother: 5 Foot Tall Super Hero

November 25, 2013
Most people have heroes. Some wear spandex and wear a cape. Some have super human strength. Mine is 5 foot tall and I call her Mother. I honor my mother for her desire to create the best opportunities for me, my three siblings and 8 grandchildren. My mother is Navajo. She lives on the Navajo nation...
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November 25, 2013
A Q&A with Sarah Howard,’s Executive/Fundraising Coordinator, as told to Social Media Fellow Connie K. Ho What is your family’s story? Both of my maternal grandparents had Native American ancestors--Blackfeet on my grandfather's side of the family and Iroquois on...
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Native American Day & Columbus

November 25, 2013
This blog post originally appeared on the National Relief Charities Blog . Living in South Dakota you learn a lot of things. For example, I learned that in 1990, South Dakota was the very first state in the nation to recognize Native American Day instead of Columbus Day — sending a significant...
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“Indians are Persons” Under the Law

November 25, 2013
This blog post originally appeared on the National Relief Charities Blog . Would you ever question whether American Indians are people? Of course not… and yet, this was actually argued in a court of law. It all started with the forced exodus of the Ponca Tribe to Oklahoma, after their homelands...
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A Trail of Togetherness for Hopi Elders

November 25, 2013
This blog post originally appeared on the National Relief Charities Blog . In 1974, the US government re-designated some of Hopi’s land to the Navajo, forcing many Hopi people to abandon their long-time homes, yet another trail of tears. Some of the Hopi resettled in a new community – Yuwehloo...
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Native American, American Indian or Indian?

November 25, 2013
This blog post originally appeared on the National Relief Charities Blog . Recently, I was in Maryland for my father’s 60th birthday. It was the first time in almost a year that my entire immediate family was together. As a souvenir for my two young nephews, I brought them t-shirts from where I...
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