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Good Education. Good experience. Still unemployed.

December 8, 2011
I am an RN who specializes in utilization review. I had worked for the same company since 1999. Unfortunately, as the dawn of the economic crisis broke, that company was swallowed up by another company, and then that was sold to another. After years of losing pensions, switching to lesser yielding...
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Unions and Sexual Harassment

November 15, 2011
At a time when women’s rights are under attack in so many areas – we need to be sure that sexual harassment is recognized and taken seriously. Candidates who seek our vote must be clear that they will support, enforce and strengthen protections for women on the job. The Coalition of Labor Union...
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HERVotes Blog-A-Thon: Fighting Sexual Harassment

November 15, 2011
Welcome to the fifth #HERvotes blog carnival on the need to keep strong the laws and public policies to end sex discrimination and sexual harassment in schools and at the workplace. The HERvotes, a multi-organizational campaign launched in August 2011, advocates women must use our voices and votes...
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Correct. Protect. Respect. Promoting Economic Security with Safe Workplaces

November 15, 2011
Women work. A lot of women work, making up 47% of the American workforce today. Two out three do so to provide the sole or a substantial part of a household income. Yet women in the workforce continue to be the targets of unwanted, unwelcome sexual harassment in the workplace. While the EEOC...

Sorry Rachel, There Still is Sexual Harassment

November 15, 2011
At less than a year old, you are a bit young to hear this message. The immediate learning challenges ahead of you include walking and talking. But this is one of those topics that there is never really a good time to discuss. While I hope you never experience this, forewarned is forearmed and...

Welcome to the Jungle: Sexual Harassment in College

November 15, 2011
One commonly noted sign of progress in the gender equality battle is that women now make up the majority--yes that is more than 50% --of college students. This is an enormous advance and reflects the hard work and dedication of generations of women: Women who have fought to be heard and taken...

Don't Get Mad, Get Elected!

November 2, 2011
Turned to your favorite news source lately? You’ve surely noticed that as another election season gathers steam, the so-called “civil” servants jockeying to represent us spend their time trying to pummel each other with barbs and bile. The conversation never seems to turn to vital issues like the...
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Realizing the Full Potential of Health Reform

October 12, 2011
When it passed, we recognized the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation. This new law is already beginning to eliminate the punitive and predatory insurance practices that have penalized women and families for decades, and instead bringing us closer to...
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#HERVotes Blog Carnival: Health Care

October 11, 2011
Welcome to the third #HERVotes Blog Carnival! This time, the focus is on women and health care. The blog posts below share personal stories and details about the new benefits from the health care reform law, while also offering original insights on what’s at stake for women and health care. You'll...
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She Who Has Health Has Hope — She Who Has Hope Has Everything

October 11, 2011
I thought it important to bring “she” into the health care picture, thus the slight modification from the “he” used in the original Arabian proverb. The “she” factor for me occurred when my own sister was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 10 years ago. After her first round of surgery, I...
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