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This weekend I will have the privilege to sit with my early childhood education advocate peers in the same room at Cranalieth as Susan B Anthony, Rachel Avery and many other suffragetes when they worked through fighting for a woman's right to vote. My DVAEYC ECE Fellowship peers and I (Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children) to discuss early childhood education and how it can be improved. What an honor to call these women peers who lead high quality early leanring centers; create high quality early learning television programming and digital media; and connect families with best practices for young children with special needs.  Step 1 is certainly exercising our right to have our voices hear through the electoral process. 
This is a historic time across America for Women's RIghts - which in turn means for children's rights, for Family Rights, for all of our inalienable rights!
Just last week the U.S. Senate voted to block the Paycheck Fairness Act from moving forward the same week that new data from the U.S. Census showed the pay gap between women and men had closed by only 1 cent. [1]
Bring it. The fight is ON and we're voting for candidates who support equal pay.
In Pennsylvania we are also fighting for the right to high quality education for every three and four year old.
But before we take our fight to the ballot box we have to make sure we’re registered to vote.
Being an American is a privilege I gained simply through a birth lottery (after my ancestors did the hard work of getting here). 

That's nothing to squander. 

In most states, voter registration deadlines are just around the corner so there’s no time to spare. (In Pennsylvania the deadline is October 6th!) By clicking above, MomsRising had made it easy for you to remind your friends to register to vote by posting an image, sending an email, and more.
Our “Mad Men” era workplace polices--unequal pay, lack of paid family leave, escalating costs of and lack of access to high quality prek, lack of paid sick days, the need to raise the minimum wage, and more--are getting some much needed attention lately, but the fact is that not a whole lot is being done about it in Congress beyond talking.
The fight is on. There is an election right around the corner and this is our chance to elect leaders who truly represent families.  Women and family economic security issues are more than just political footballs and talking points.  
Our voices, and our votes, matter. #WeAreHere. #WEMatter. #WeVote #TogetherWeArePoweful!
*Don't forget to click here to get your friends registered and fired up for election day!
Together we’re a powerful force at the ballot box for women and families (but only if we’re registered to vote).
-Ruth, Ashley, Donna, Kristin, Mary Ellen and the whole team 
P.S. If you, or any of your friends and family would prefer to get information on how to register to vote in Spanish, just click here.
Please leave a comment below as to WHY YOU VOTE!

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