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Forty Years of Influencing Women’s Health Around the World

October 11, 2011
This year The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective celebrated the publication of its seminal book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” 40 years ago. This book ignited changes in health care delivery in the US and worldwide. In the early 1970’s women knew very little about our bodies. Doctors had all of the...
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How much would you pay to have your colon looked at?

October 11, 2011
OK, I admit, that’s a pretty distasteful headline. It could have been worse, though, couldn’t it? No one likes to think about having a long tube inserted through their rectum up into their intestines, which is what it takes to look at the colon. And that long tube is only part of the yucky story...

It’s in the law: Breaking Down What's In It For You in the New Health Care Law

October 11, 2011
Greater protections against insurance company abuses: NO MORE RESCISSIONS: Insurance companies are prohibited from dropping your coverage if you become sick. NO MORE LIFETIME LIMITS: Insurance companies are prohibited from limiting the amount of money they will pay for your benefits over your...
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Raising Our Voices for the Health Coverage Women Need!

October 11, 2011
It’s hard to know what to pay attention to in the flood of health reform policy jargon and acronyms, but here’s one new term that we think it’s important for women to understand: health insurance exchange . What is an “exchange”? It will be a new way for those of us who don’t have health insurance...

Women’s Health: It’s Essential!

October 11, 2011
What do you think is an essential part of your health care? Is it a specific service that most women need at some time in their lives, like maternity care or contraception? Is it something that you hope you’ll never need, but it darn well better be covered when you need it, like reconstruction...

Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege

October 11, 2011
The Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) places full access to quality, affordable health care and the importance of health education for working women front and center to our work. This was made abundantly clear last month during our 16th Biennial Convention when our delegates overwhelming passed...
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Women Have Lives On The Line With Health Care Reform

October 11, 2011
Like thousands of other families the recession has hit ours hard, but it could be worse. My family currently has health insurance, and both my husband and I still have jobs. We live paycheck to paycheck but still I feel lucky. It’s a tenuous luck, a luck that is one medical emergency away from...

How Restrictions on Health Care Funding Affect Low-Income Women's Access to Care

October 11, 2011
By: Amanda Dennis, Ruth Manski Seventeen million women in the US, most of whom are of reproductive age, are insured by Medicaid, the health insurance program for low-income individuals and families. Because Medicaid is jointly administered by federal and state governments, policies at both levels...

No Co-Pay for Birth Control? A Great First Step Towards Truly Universal Access

October 11, 2011
Contraception is a critical preventive health care tool for women and families. Contraception allows women (and their partners) to plan their pregnancies and avoid pregnancy when they don’t want to have a baby, and planned pregnancies are healthier for women and children. Women with planned...

Women's Health, Worth Fighting For

October 11, 2011
Some four years after the dawn of the Great Recession, all across this nation millions continue to struggle. And while women and families face a multitude of challenges, there is perhaps no challenge more pertinent to one's quality of life than the issue of health and access to care when you need...
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