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Movie Review: La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon)

May 29, 2010
Here's my most important advice should you see this film: Bring Kleenex. So I like a good tearjerker as much as the next gal, but I really thought my sobbing-at-the-movies days were far behind me. After all, I'm no longer a melodramatic teenager...I'm a grown-ass woman! But when a movie revolves...

Video: African American Ministers Leadership Council Signs Immigration Reform Covenant

May 29, 2010
People For has been documenting the dangerous and divisive Right Wing rhetoric surrounding immigration reform….rhetoric that has led to, among other things, Arizona’s new civil liberties-smashing anti-immigrant law. But, despite the overwhelmingly cynical national dialogue on immigration reform,...

Arizona’s law is a social and racial sin

May 29, 2010
The harshest enforcement bill in the country against undocumented immigrants recently passed the Arizona state legislature and was signed into law by Governor Janet Brewer. This law requires law enforcement officials in Arizona to investigate someone’s immigration status if there is “reasonable...

An Unimaginable Choice

May 29, 2010
Back on February 27, 2006, the day after my 29th birthday when I was a fairly new and sleep-deprived mother, I came across an article in Salon that made me shudder. It was a book review -- a true story -- about an Honduran boy who made multiple, and often unsuccessful trips, to find his mother in...
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Arizona's New Immigration Law and the "92 Percent Situation"

May 28, 2010
Co-authored by Elisa Batista. The conversation is everywhere -- Arizona has a new immigration law that requires police officers to detain anyone who "looks like" an illegal immigrant and fails to produce proof of American citizenship. And legislators in seven other states are now debating similar...
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Heartland Moms Go to K Street for Showdown

May 14, 2010
Heartland moms are participating in the Showdown on K Street on May 16 & 17! This is a story of a a fellow mother, woman and female consumer who will make the trip to Washington DC with me to tell Congress to support sound financial policies that work for the people not against them. You can...

Marching for My Mother

April 30, 2010
Op-ed written by Karn Saetang, Youth Organizer at Korean American Resource & Cultural Center (KRCC) in Chicago. Picture yourself as a young woman, born and raised in Thailand, and the only language you know is Thai. You have a job at a bank, and the money you make goes to your large family...

"I wanted to go with my mommy."

March 5, 2009
UPDATE: The Department of Justice just announced that they are starting an investigation into the unfair practices of Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona.
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