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June is Immigrant Heritage Month but as a proud daughter of immigrants, I celebrate the contributions of immigrants EVERY DAY! And as a mother to children who are children of an immigrant, and grandchildren of immigrants, it is really important for me that they know how important immigrants are to...
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Pride Month
Happy family with text that reads "Happy Pride 2023"
Pride Month is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and the people within it, past and present, who have fought to make our country and lives safer and stronger. It is also about the importance of being able to live authentically, and moving the dial toward a world where everyone is safe, thriving, and not discriminated against in any way. And on that front, there is a lot of work left to do.
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The House of Representatives Republicans are at it again! In the same month they cut SNAP (food stamps) for older adults and limited funding for childcare and WIC, they also introduced a new tax bill that would give massive tax cuts to wealthy corporations and the super rich! We will not stand quietly by as more tax breaks are given to Big Business while our families suffer!
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Ready? Set. It’s GO-time! We need you to share this action with 5 people, asking them to join you in order to reach our goal of 500,000 signatures! When you click this link, it’ll take you to your Facebook account where you can share this petition with all (or some) of your Facebook friends-- be...
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Woman holds her baby up in the air as the sun sets behind them on the beach
There have been a few versions of songs called Cruel Summer, from Bananarama in the 80s to Taylor Swift in the 2000s and though they are total bops, they can unfortunately also be a theme song for the fact that summer can be exceedingly cruel on the wallets of families around the country.
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It's been one year since the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade, restricting access to abortion care, and we are still fighting for our rights. Make a contribution towards our movement for reproductive justice so that we can continue to advocate for mothers, parents, and...
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6/24 marks 1-year of Dobbs. Join us for #StillTheResistance Rally!
Say it with us: Rise. Resist. Restore. Those are our only goals when we rally together on Saturday, June 24th on the one year mark of the disastrous Dobbs decision and we want you to join us in Washington D.C.! *Click Here to RSVP* We are #StillTheResistance! Join us alongside Women’s March and...
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On the radio show this week we dive into the fact that U.S. House Republican leaders are pushing for tax breaks for the wealthy and, at the same time, pushing for big cuts to programs that lift families and our economy like WIC and SNAP; we get history on gun policy in America and advice on what we need to do right now to increase gun safety; and we hear about the ways in which LGBTQIA+ parents and families are facing discrimination and what needs to happen to stop that discrimination.
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Pride Month
Grace Linn's quilt opposing book bans
I was enraged, but not surprised when The Washington Post reported recently that “an analysis of book challenges from across the nation shows the majority were filed by just 11 people.” While many on the far-right would have us believe there is some kind of grassroots groundswell against teaching...
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Pride Month
Take a moment to envision a beautiful future where families and children are happy and thriving. Where inclusion and compassion are core community values and caregivers are supported as together we build the strong foundation needed to truly uplift our future generations. What would this strong,...
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