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Welcome to MOMENTUM: The MomsRising Impact in 2022, a report highlighting the victories, progress, and power-building achieved by the MomsRising community in 2022.
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On Wednesday February 22, 2023, we had one of our bigger #WellnessWed chats to date on protecting children and families' health coverage when the public health emergency (PHE) ends. Both national and state partners such as Georgetown CCF, Protecting Immigrant Families Coalition, Children's Hospital...
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Children’s books and young adult books are being banned across Florida and together we can put a stop to it. New to the issue? Read the description below. If you are already looped in and ready to stop book bans, TAKE ACTION by clicking this link and skip to the links at the end for more actions ...
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Sen. Patty Murray wearing crayon pin
From championing solutions to the childcare and paid family/medical leave crises, to advocating for expanded Medicaid coverage for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, to lifting the voices of Black Feminists for Black History Month, the MomsRising community strove for a better, brighter future for us all.
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On the radio show this week, we cover the harmful effects of the recent attacks on Black studies and literature – and what you can do to help stop them; and we also cover the debt ceiling debate and how it could impact programs moms care about, including healthcare, SNAP, child care, and more; how...
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After recently giving birth to my second baby, I’ve learned that is important to focus on postpartum care in an environmentally conscious way. Not only does this benefit the health of both you and your child, but it also helps to preserve the environment for future generations. It can be difficult...
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North Carolina: Love Thy Neighbor, Expand Medicaid
Last week, the NC House passed HB76 to expand Medicaid to low-income, uninsured adults in North Carolina. After a decade of advocacy and stalemate, North Carolina is getting close to closing the Medicaid coverage gap! MomsRising created a cross-organization storybook to lift up the voices of...
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Black female doctor holds up a stethoscope to a smiling black female child.
This article originally appeared on the Center for Child and Families website and is shared here with the express consent of the organization. Written by: Joan Alker State-by-State Report Shows Medicaid Now Covers More Than Half of U.S. Children This week we teamed up with our colleagues at the...
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Young child hugging mother's neck with a tear on their cheek.
As caring people, we all want the same thing – a safe place for our families to live and thrive. We all want our children to live in peace and safe from danger. But North Carolina leaders introduced a new bill that could endanger many immigrant children and families! QUICK SIGN: Tell North Carolina...
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On the radio show this week, we cover the continued outrageous attacks on access to abortioncare and reproductive health medications including Mifepristone; why representation matters and how you can run – or help someone run - for office; the tragic rise in mass shootings and what you can do about...
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