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We’re excited to announce that the RISERS Parent Leadership program application period is now open for the 2024-2025 year!

“I don’t need to hear more! I’m ready to apply!” Click here if you’re ready to go.


What is the MomsRising RISERS Early Learning parent leadership program?

MomsRising's RISERS Early Learning parent leadership program is an eight month training program to increase leadership and  advocacy skills. 

The RISERS program will help participants learn how our federal government works, how they can advocate for their communities for family-friendly policies, and have access to opportunities to put those skills into practice to create change. Past RISERS have reported gaining confidence that allows them to raise their voices for their own families and families all over the country. They learn how to share their stories, talk to lawmakers, mobilize their fellow parents, and become leaders in their own communities. 

Who are RISERS? 

RISERS are moms and caregivers of children ages 0-5 who participate in an eight month leadership program focused on early childhood – issues like child care, maternal health and mental health, and other prenatal-to-five issues.

RISERS come from all over the country, in big cities, suburbs and some in rural communities. and all walks of life. RISERS represent racial and ethnic diversity, as well as diversity in life experiences, language, family structure and socioeconomic status. The group includes single parents, student parents, foster and adoptive parents, early childhood educators, parents of children with developmental needs and medical needs, and LGBTQ+ families, and immigrant parents.  

RISERS are supported to become leaders in their communities and raise their voices on the issues that are important to families.

This is a great opportunity to get to know more about childcare issues being faced by many moms and also a glimpse into the advocacy work for those issues. There are lots of resources that the greater momsrising group can help you to advocate with, and it would be good to pay attention to those resources so you can utilize them as needed. - Meghan, Massachusetts 


What kind of activities do RISERS do? 

Participants in the RISERS program engage in a wide range of activities, depending on comfort level and what is happening legislatively on local and federal levels. RISERS is a virtual program with monthly meetings ranging from 1.5-2 hours, and with a one in-person meeting. Here are some examples of how RISERS are advocating: 

  • Writing letters to their legislators

  • Talking to media 

  • Dropping material off at their lawmakers’ offices 

  • Meeting with policy and lawmakers

  • Recording a video story

  • Sharing their parent expertise with policy makers and organizations 

  • Writing blog posts and op-eds 

  • Speaking at school board meetings 

  • Attending and speaking at official Congressional events


Here’s a snapshot of the types of actions that our latest RISERS have taken in this last cycle: 

Lisa from New York attended the Advocacy Day for Child Care in Albany, NY where she met with her state legislator to share her story and advocate for more investments in child care in New York State. 


Zakela from Florida raised her voice for WIC in an op-ed in the Florida media that called on Congress to fully fund has helped her family in this op-ed.

Mansie from New York participated in a roundtable discussion with members of the White House Policy Council where she candidly shared her struggles accessing child care. 

Melanie from Utah met with Congressman John Curtis and shared her personal experience and emphasized the significance of affordable child care, not only at the local level but also on the federal level.


Rachael from South Carolina shared her experience with White House Gender Policy officials. She shared how she was forced to leave her beloved teaching career due to child care issues and pressed on the hardship so many families face and how it affects so many moms pushing them out of the workforce. 

Thais and Sasheena shared their experiences as parents at a Mother’s Day event at the White House to top White House officials to urge them to continue championing care policies. 


Many of our RISERS got together at our Mom Power Bootcamp to learn how to advocate for child care this upcoming election season. 


MomsRising is recruiting for the next cohort of RISERS which starts in the fall. If you’re interested, please complete this interest form.  

Applications will be reviewed during July and August. Interviews will be conducted in September. Invitations will be sent out in late Sept/early October. 

Questions? Email


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